Ben Hicks visit update (story)... … -arkansas/

lots of positives about arkansas in your article. would you say we are leading for his services now? sure sounded like it.

Based on this update we will probably hear he is coming here, especially with his dream of playing in the SEC and his huge familiarity to staff and distance from home.

I would guess he’ll be a Razorback

Not a knock on the young man, but I found it odd that there was no public interest in this connection until this weekend. It made sense with their past history, but this is the first time I’ve read mutual interest - and it’s on an official visit with a deadline of a couple days.

With that said is it safe to assume that Chad slow played Ben until all other possibilities were exhausted?

It’s fluid, as they say…

A marriage of convenience - they both may not be totally in love with the other, but they both stand to benefit if things work out well.

We don’t need him to help us get us to the SEC title game but 6-6 and a bowl game would do nicely. Shouldallow the staff to continue to successfully sell the promise of a better future to recruits. Significant progress is a must and won’t happen without, among other things, better QB play.

Ben wants to play in the SEC - this looks like his best and only chance.

Time for both parties to say I do!

As soon as he announced he would transfer, I was pretty sure he had the Hogs as his destination.
When KB said Mizzou, I was real sure. :sunglasses:

Have to remember, CCM recruited Hicks to SMU, then after 1 year Morris & the offensive staff go to AR.
We all know that’s just nature of the business, but Hicks probably felt deserted inside at the time.
Reunited again to better each other & another nature of the business.

Morris became SMU HC on Dec 1, 2014, Hicks committed on Dec 19, 2014. He enrolled on 15 Jan 2015. Morris had him for three seasons, not 1. He redshirted his freshmen year, so he is a 5th year SR.

Dudley I know Hicks knows the offense inside and out but do you think these young receivers can learn it quickly? It seemed like our veteran receivers had a hard time learning it or it sure seemed like it. I would think Knox and Nash would get a good head start on it.

I think they knew it… just not the ability to execute it. Really had trouble getting separation and when they did ball was many times poorly thrown.

Astute observations.

Trey and Shamar are very smart and very athletic - and very here. That’s all great toward getting on the field and contributing significantly this season.

There would be no excuses for the old ones to not get it in year two. None.

I agree Dudley… I expect us to go hammer down full tilt boogie! I don’t want to hear any excuses about not knowing the playbook and only installing 30% of the offense.

Hopefully everyone including back ups that are in year 2 know the offense & playbook.
The new WR’s coming in are tall and rangy, so won’t need much if any separation if Hicks is accurate enough.

Thanks for correction Bake.
Did Hicks start at SMU as redshirt frosh or redshirt soph? Determine if 1 or 2 years running the offense 1st hand under CCM and Craddock.

We still won’t be seeing the whole offense though, if Hicks wins the QB battle. I’m sure we will see more than we saw this past season. Hicks is no more of a running threat than Ty, and probably less. Hopefully, we will get more tempo and most all of the passing game with Hicks.

My main concern in this depends on how CCM handles the QB situation in the spring. If he just hands the ball to Hicks and says “go get 'em, the job’s yours”, I’m afraid we might lose Noland to baseball. If he makes it clear to the team, the staff, and the fans that there is a real battle for the starting QB spot, then I’m fine with bringing in Hicks to compete for the job.

I’ve been pretty clear I’m not a fan of the move, because I see it as just a one year stop-gap to try to insure there’s not another 2 win season. I fear it could delay the maximum development for a year, for CN, JSJ, and KJ because of no installation of the dual threat QB part of the offense, if Hicks wins the job.

I do understand why CCM wants to bring Hicks in. He certainly improves our chances of winning all four of the non-conference games if Noland, JSJ, and KJ don’t fully master the offense to the level that Hicks has already mastered it. CCM probably thinks he might not survive another 2-3 win season. I’m just not sure Hicks is the answer to an SEC win because of an unknown OL and a non-elusive QB.

Couple of things.

Coach Morris has indicated in radio interviews this week that the job will be wide open in the spring and he will do what is best for the team.

If Connor were to go to baseball alone and not be on football scholarship, he would have to pay about 80 to 85 percent of his schooling.

I talked to Connor not too long ago and he has every intention of being the starting quarterback next season regardless of who arrives here.

He is not as of afraid of competition as some of you seem to think he is and also he loves - not likes - loves football.

I think not bringing another quarterback in would be coaching malpractice.

I also don’t think he has given one thought to going 2-10 again.

I encourage you to listen to Bo’s interview with him.