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I would guess he willl be a Razorback


I’ll remember this post

Remember this one too. I think Hicks can put up some numbers next year. Unless Connor can beat him out :sunglasses:

I don’t know if Hicks can help us. None of us do, but it would seem a Sr. who knows the system and has some talent would be a help to the young guys and the team. Perhaps, Connor can beat him out. He is 1-0 afterall. No one else can say that. I am a very big believer in KJ. I have high hopes for him, but I think it is asking a lot for a true Freshman to come in in June and lead a team in the SEC. The Bama QB did not do it nor did the QB at Clemson… They came on later.

I think it can only help to have Hicks here for one season, especially, if that is the wish of he and Chad (and it will not happen if that is not the case).

Still, it will be up to a greatly improved Oline if anything real is going to happen. Does not matter who is the QB, if there is no Oline in front of them. That is always the case.

At first, I was not in favor of a QB coming in for one year no matter how good. In this case, Hicks having played for our coach and knowing the plays will help them to expand their play calling. With some talent on our roster and new muscle coming in, I see improvement and beginning of a new era of success under coach Morris.

This move, if it happens, is like chicken soup to a cold…it sure can’t hurt. If Coach Morris is for it, I’m for it.

Good for you - remember away big boy! I remember watching Ty Storey go 0-8 as a starting QB. I’ll bet you $500 dollars if Hicks starts 8 games at Arkansas he’ll win four more than that.


I was very impressed with the way he handled himself this weekend.

Very mature, as he should be at this point.

I’d bet if CCM or any other offensive coach had a meeting set up with him that Ben Hicks would show up for it.

Just sayin’.

At the very least Hicks should bring confidence to the QB room with his experience and relationship with CCM and staff. Our young QB’s will see how the offense is suppose to be run and he does have a better arm than what we had last year. Our young receivers should be pumped to know the ball will be passed like the system is designed for if the O-line improves even slightly.

QB was the biggest single problem last year. It’s the one position I worry about most for next year. At least Hicks would give us an experienced player at that position. He might not be Jalen Hurts, but he should be a big improvement. And Connor or Jones might be good enough to win the spot. They’d still be good backups. A year older & more experienced than last year when their youth was apparent whenever they were in the game.

QB will help, but I would argue the OL was the biggest weakness last year. No QB ever born would have succeeded behind that OL.

When you have at most 1.5 seconds before own OL tackles you because of being knocked back so far, hard to know how good the QB is.

In case you forgot, here is what the OL looked like last year.

If this is not improved, it will not matter who the QB is.

Yep, that was the great AR Oline at its best. If that is not fixed, nothing else will matter!

Comparing a 5th year senior who has 3 years previous experience playing in the same system and has been a starter for 3 years to a guy like Storey, with no playing experience in general and none in CCM’s system is not exactly fair now is it?

Makes for a good contest for #1…Hicks, Noland, and Jones. You make Hicks the Fav?

I don’t disagree that the 0-line was a bad problem. However, since it consists of several positions, I referred to QB as the biggest single problem. Perhaps I should have said biggest problem at any one position.

I will say this about Hicks, he led SMU to a 54-17 thumbing of N.Texas which embarrassed us… we are better off at QB with him.