Ben Hicks played well

Against A$M and Kentucky. Some folks seem to forget that. No quarterback, not even the great John Elway, would have looked good playing behind our O-line vs that Aubrun Defense. Unfair to judge Ben by that game. While I would love to see JSJ (GHG!) get the start Saturday, Ben may give us our best chance to win, given Miss Steaks secondary issues.

BOLOGNA!!! How many times do you need to see him and Starkle mess up??

I am guessing you see Hicks start and JSJ play in relief. I would guess that both will play.

That sounds about right…if Hicks doesn’t immediately start the offense moving, you give JSJ a couple of possessions at least, can always put Hicks back in. Bottom line, JSJ deserves a look.

What were Hicks’ s mess ups vs A$M and Kentucky? Hicks should not be lumped in with Nick Bieber Lachey Timberlake Starkel. Most of the time, Ben throws to the right colored jersey.

Why do we get beat with Hicks on charge of the offense against Ole Miss?
I haven’t seen anything that makes me believe he will be able to move the ball!
I guess you like watching a full box and a QB that can’t throw the ball down field.
Well he can float one!
It’s sad when you have no options but to return to option A that failed the first 2 games of the year. Then plan B fails and then it become a mixed bad bag of A and B! I’d sure rather see the staff eliminate those and play JSJ and KJ to where we can see is those guys have the ability to win!

Nick Starkel is the 11th rated passer in the SEC w a 112 rating. Hicks has not played in enough
games to be listed, but his rating is 103. JSJ has just played 1 game but his rating is almost the two
combined. Yeah, he has only thrown 7 passes. But let’s see what he can do. Hicks may start,
but unless he is absolutely on fire, I expect to see JSJ.

This staff is too slow to change a QB that’s struggling. I’ve seen enough of Hicks and Starkel period.

I have been thinking we should play Hicks between the 20 yard lines and play JSJ in the Red zone…

Believe Jones can get it in the end zone more often than any other QB we have…

I am sure we won’t see that play out, but it is interesting to ponder.

Hicks does fine until he gets inside the red zone. He just hasn’t shown the ability to finish, particularly at the end of the game. Starkel turns it over inside the red zone. Jones scores TDs inside the red zone. I want the Hogs to score TDs, not just move the ball. I’m actually okay having Starkel handle 3rd and long, Hicks handle outside the red zone, and Jones handle 3rd or 4th and short and inside red zone.

Hicks generally knows what to do, but his physical skills are such that his margin for error is very small. Some examples:

He does not naturally generate a lot of speed on his throws, which means he has to have enough time to get set and really put a lot of effort into throwing a fast, tight ball more than about ten yards down the field. Generally his mechanics have to be decent even on fairly short passes to deliver a catchable ball.

He’s not a particularly quick or fast runner, so he’s not a big threat on RPOs and is unlikely to consistently stress the defense when he scrambles.

He is not that tall, so he gets quite a few passes knocked down near the line.

None of those things make him unplayable, they just make it hard for him to finish consistently in pressure situations against SEC defenses. If he played behind a great OL and the Hogs had a really good defense those holes in his game might not matter as much.