Ben Herbert made out well

He will be paid $450,000 plus a $50,000 signing bonus at Michigan, then will get a pay raise to $500,000 the following two years.

He stood to make $350,000 during the last year of his Arkansas contract.

Dan Enos also has been hired as receivers coach there. That title was not made available when Michigan initially hired him last week.

Happy for them both. But, I probably won’t be following their careers.

That’s an interesting move for Enos.

Definitely a step down in title - from Offensive Coordinator to Receivers Coach. This, for a guy many Arkansas fans feared/expected to leave them after a couple of years for perhaps another HC job.

I’m sure he’ll be well compensated, and Michigan is a good high profile staff to work on. Aldo, I know he’s from that area.

Still, surprises me just a little.

Saw Enos will be making 150k. Same guy on Twitter that posted all of the info about pay for Herbert but can’t seem to find it now. Surprised me that seems on the low side. I’m not sure but thought our assistant coaches all made 200k+ last year. Also said Enos’ pay would increase to 750k if he got promoted to coordinator.

My guess is Enos’ contract will be restructured after one year. He still is going to be pulling in some money from Arkansas through May or June.

Tenarius Wright and Kiero Small also have been hired to Michigan’s staff as assistants to Herbert.

He’ll be making a lot more than that from us still. Makes sense for Michigan to get a good coach and not have to pay much for him for a year.

Wasn’t his contract through June of 2019? … extension/

I’m happy for him and the rest of the staff esply Coach Enos that they are landing in a place where their talent will fit

Good men - I so regret they simply couldn’t pull off a championship caliber program at Arkansas

Maybe with Chad Morris the fit will be better

This all reminds us of how slim the margin for error is at Arkansas

Arkansas’ road to any championship is a road that is narrow and steep drop offs with less than a car worth sholder - you go off the road and your rolling into the valley of dispair

Yes, but there is a provision in his contract that stipulates the university can limit his severance to six months in the event the head coach is fired. That means his pay from Arkansas should end in late May or early June.

With CCM constantly emphasizing speed and leanness for his players, Herbert landed where he needs to be.

Ok, thanks, I don’t think I would have signed up for that, lol.

It is standard language located in all of the assistant coaches’ contracts.

I don’t recall ever seeing a full contract from an assistant coach published or link to one. It seems the articles just state the money and length.