Belk Bowl or???

I read where Belk Bowl wants Carolina – travel and fans.

But the SEC is running interference and insisting on Arkansas. I like how the SEC now intervenes to ensure the bowls are distributed equitably. We won two SEC West titles and got sent to minor bowls as a reward – had the SEC been more active then, we would have gotten better bowl games those years. A 7-5 Arkansas team should play in a better bowl than Birmingham or Shreveport instead of a 6-6 Carolina team that was humiliated in its last game by Clemson.

If somehow Belk got to take Carolina, that’s where the Birmingham talk comes into play. Arkansas would be a much better fit for Shreveport, and our fans would roll out – I have a feeling very few folks will go to Birmingham. Anybody old enough to remember that empty stadium in Birmingham for the Hall of Fame (Shame) Bowl when a Holtz-led team blew out Tulane – but to an empty stadium?

I have one friend who is of some connections telling me it’s going to be Shreveport and not Charlotte.

I have not called in my sources at UA – kind of like to save those for when I really need them – and I’m a little ambivalent about the bowl game this year.

Anybody else got any scoop?

Everyone I have spoken with thinks the Belk Bowl is the most likely destination, and the bowl’s director was talking up the Razorbacks when we spoke to him yesterday. … ound-hogs/

Shreveport sucks…sorry but it’s a pit. I would have 0 desire to go there. Might have to do with the last time I went. Maybe 1997…2 of our party of 4 were held up at gunpoint and another guy was assaulted and now missing an ear. I was the only one to come out of it unscathed… No thanks!

I need to hear more.

It was as we were leaving the game. We all met at the game and ended up taking 3 separate cars…I didn’t even know what happened until the next morning. This was before everyone had a cell…The guy who is now missing an ear basically got jumped by a couple of guys (who were Hog fans) who tried to rob him. All they got was the ear…The other two had their wallets stolen at gunpoint. I hope it’s Charlotte!!

Also made that trip and it was miserable. Managed to not get robbed though, except by the casino. Swore I’d never go back to Shreveport. IMO it’s basically a bigger Pine Bluff.

I spent the first 32 years of my life in Pine Bluff. In that period of time I had a gun to my head twice (robbery), a knife pulled on me and several close calls with crazy people. Thankfully I left there in 83. I’ve also spent a lot of time in Shreveport. Fortunately I’ve not had any of the above to me there but it’s not a good place. Not a good place at all.