Beliema complains he can’t go up tempo because of injuries

If there were any question that he was being disingenuous when he complained that up tempo offenses would be the detriment to player safety, Bert is now complaining that he can’t run his up tempo offense because of Michigan State players being injured.

“Well, that was a two-minute offense,” Bielema said after the game. “We go tempo as much – they also set a record for injuries and miraculously everybody came back from all those injuries, so that was a little frustrating, but it’s the game, that’s the way it’s played, that’s what it is. It was really hard for us to get tempo going because they had a lot of players get injured. And when they get injured, it stops the clock, stops the momentum, and it’s just hard to get that going.”

A classic case of a guy who wants his Tito’s and to drink it too.


Yeah what a moron, sitting there at 7-2 at the top of his division, a year and a half after taking over a 2-6 team. Doesn’t his team know all about him being passed out on a bar every night? Surely their cousin’s girl friend told them their dog groomer saw it for themself.

Classic example of coaches evolving. Saban has changed offensive philosophy and Bret has done the same.

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Saban never claimed hurry up offenses caused death.

Fully aware. Bret has said somethings he shouldn’t. That’s obviously one of them.

Not condoning Brett’s remarks, but a lot (most) coaches have said some things that weren’t well absorbed at some point in time.

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