Beisel the blow-mouth is at it again … k-51087026

If the name sounds familiar, Eric Beisel is the guy who informed AR not to show up for the AR vs MO football game that did not turn out good for AR and ruined the season for us. On Friday he announced that the basketball team better not show up or the same fate is waiting for them. So, I hope the basketball team shows up with better mind set than the football team.

There’s a way to shut him up! Leave it too the play on the court. You have to give it up to him on the football game we blew it!

Beisel trying to extend his 15 minutes of fame. At least Enos won’t be directing our Offense in the second half tonight. No slow developing full court passes or ignoring potential points in the paint. We should be alright. Shouldn’t be hard to see or hear Beisel. He’ll be the only person in the arena who actually cares about Tiger basketball.

I was really POed the first time, seemed ridiculous. Well. We know what happened. This time, I get why he would do it. Why not?

“…15 minutes of fame.” Now I get it. As others have said, beat them and he’ll go away. I hope our guys are aware that they have nothing to lose. On the other hand we have a lot at stake. All of our games is going to be critical from here on.

Great, now we get to experience Eric Biesel again during baseball season.