Being reported

Briles to tcu.

Sure doesn’t make any sense to me having kj and the talented wrs coming in. Idk what tcu has coming back, it seems he fits at ark btr b4 his nxt head coming job.

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If true, then I hate to lose him, but such is the life of college football. While likely impossible, I would like to think we can hire somebody who can be an asset, both coaching and recruiting, but even more add some stability. Unfortunately, doing a good job makes the probability of stability less likely, as there is always someone out there with a bigger checkbook and a more expensive appetite. Seems more drama than I prefer, so if he is gone, so be it.

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Pac-12 released its schedule today. If Briles is the TCU OC, his first game will be against Coach Prime in Foat Wuth.

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Been a lot of drama each year on whether he is going or staying. The drama gets old quickly. I don’t want to lose him, but it seems a for gone conclusion now.

I’m looking forward to who we hire as OC. I’ll keep the faith Pittman will hire a good one.

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Once it leaked that he was flirting with TCU, his fate was sealed. He wasn’t coming back, even if he wanted to.


I agree Biff. He was obviously looking. Twice in a couple months is pretty telling.

Don’t mind seeing him go, but I sure hope KJ and Rocket don’t go with him.


I went from hoping he’d stay to “good riddance” pretty quick. I don’t know what prompted him to move, but the timing is bad. I’m sure Sam wanted him to stay when he was flirting with MSU, but maybe this second flirtation was too much. I don’t know. Maybe TCU just outbid us, but I tend to doubt that. I know a bunch of fans wanted him gone, but I thought they were clueless.

I just hope this doesn’t cost us any recruits or, more importantly, any current players.

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I feel like I did when Houston kept flirting around. Don’t let the door hit you in the rear on the way out. And same denominator for both of them, Jimmy Sexton.

He’s a helluva an agent, but I think he drives some of this. Briles was looking to leave imo. Maybe he knew all along Riley was gone at TCU and that is why he told MSU no.

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My only concern is not losing any players. Besides that…good riddance.




Sexton is sam’s agent also so remember that.

Curious on this move from briles mind unless he isn’t sold on defense next year and he thinks being at tcu gets him closer to a hc job.

Sexton wins no matter how it plays out!

I have thought through this for an hour or so Pike and the only way I can see that it gets him closer is he knows Texass and Boomer are leaving which puts TCU in position to win or challenge to win the Big 12 each year thus a shot in the playoffs especially now that it is expanding. Maybe he thinks it gets him more exposure this way but it is certainly a lateral move at best. That’s all I can think of other than Sam was tired of the games and said hit it.

Your love affair with KB has hit the rocks….JK….:smirk::joy:

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I feel so jilted :rofl:

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This wouldn’t surprise me. CSP said Odom’s move to UNLV was a surprise. He thought he was staying at that point. I think after KB’s tweet after the Miss Stank deal that CSP thought he would be staying too only for TCU to come up and apparently KB told him he was listening. I bet CSP told him that he probably better go this time around.