Being reported the dead period extended

to May 31. Tough go for coaches and prospects. Hopefully it’s opened up for June so schools can conduct camps and kids can get seen by coaches.

Not sure why the NCAA is doing this. Are there any schools that are not giving regular prospective students campus tours? I work at a University and our Admission department is still recruiting and giving tours. The NCAA should keep coaches off of high school campuses but should allow students to be brought to campus. I understand the risk of COVID but if regular students can be recruited then athletes should be able too as well.

They just keep extending the dead period. It’s almost like actual visits are becoming a thing of the past. And if the have-nots think they could save money, it might become a thing of the past.

Then those that want them will make up their own rules, I don’t see this going the way of the Dodo bird.

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