Being reported Eric Musselman


If he and AD are making recruiting a priority, he just might be an interesting fit for us.

He’s a west coast guy but who knows.

Seems hungry. I like that.

You think this is legit or just more smoke from a raging fire of speculation?

Hire him for $2.5 million and give him another $1 million to hire the best recruiters in the business.

Philosophy on transfers

Musselman daily routine

How he deals with refs

How he uses Social media to market his program

i’d be thrilled with the hire and it would fit what Yuracheck is looking for as far as passion, recruiting, marketing of his program, etc.

I cant see what Richards post says, must be a twitter post. Twitter is blocked on my work computer. Can anyone help me out and tell me what it says?

Jeff Goodman
Nevada’s Eric Musselman is a serious candidate for the Arkansas opening, sources told @Stadium.

He’s west coast now but he’s a former LSU assistant so he knows the SEC and recruiting down here. I like how he started recruiting the current team star early and fought off the big schools to get him to Nevada. That’s what we need him to do with the top talent around here.

Dalton, Jeff Goodman tweeted that Musselman is a serious candidate for the Arkansas job. My work firewall also blocks out Twitter and tweets so I feel for you. I have to read them on my phone when I’m at work.

Serious candidate

Coached in the NBA, made Nevada pretty good. West Coast recruiting connections. I can get behind him if he’s the hire.

Thank you Swine

Just says is a serious candidate for the job.

My quote gets deleted for helping a poster out??

Nothing was deleted (I do the deleting) and I see your reply.

I disagree. Not with the $1MM for great recruiters (Not sure about the million, Mike’s staff may be more than that), but with his salary. HY has already gone on record saying what he expects from the basketball program. If he thinks Eric is the guy to accomplish those lofty goals, he should pay him the low end of what that job description would merit. Incentivize him with large dollar accomplishments should he be great out of the chute. If you go on the cheap because you can, it will bite you when he is ultra successful and is looking hard for another job in a couple years. You are sending the wrong message if you bring him in near the bottom of the SEC head coaches pay scale.

If HY is not certain he can accomplish the goals he’s set, he should not hire him regardless of pay.

Agree with that. You can give him incentives out the wazoo, but you need to make it where he’s not looking for the next job on day two.

Love this. very exciting! He’s been my #1 choice from the get-go.

GHG … kansas-job

Get him hired asap and let him start the player retention and recruiting process. I don’t believe we should wait any longer just to be spurned by Beard, Williams, etc.
I would be more than excited with the hire of Eric Musselman, he’s young, energetic, brings passion and NBA experience to the program.
Personally, He along with Nate Oates were the first two guys I was hoping for when HY decided to let CMA go.

Go Hogs!

Would be a great hire IMO! Sign him up today! ghg