Being reported Eric Musselman will be

next head Hog.

Lets go! WPS!

Well, I guess I’ll just try to be open minded and wait to see how he performs.

Woohoo! I’m just glad we have a coach.

whoever posted the links with video interviews of him, thanks. i really liked watching them and getting to know how he operates a bit. on our last opening, the videos of buzz won me over, yes i know they are promotional videos to make the coach look good, but i really liked buzz at the time. i liked what i saw. if true, go hogs. energetic, thinks outside the box. has a lot to sell as a coach. go hogs.

cudos to general, who mentioned this name long ago. if he’s the coach, right on target.

one final thing, i think this guy could energize the students and make bud walton crazy again.

Exactly how I’m feeling Gas. I’m just celebrating that it’s not little Pitino or Chris Jans. Although, Musselman was at the top of my realistic list after the Sampson thing didn’t go through.

Hope first thing he does is go call Rayjon Tucker from UALR.

Totally agree with this. I think the EM hire might be just what the doctor ordered for our program. The more I learn about him, the more I like him.

If true, no problem.


This has been my first choice after the pipe dreams of Bears and Donovan

Tremendous hire! ghg

IF…finally true, I will be behind it 100%! I think he will bring a completely different energy level and enthusiasm we haven’t seen in a long time on our sidelines. I think the players will love him and what’s even more encouraging is how well he has done at getting transfers to infuse talent at Nevada to make them as successful as they were. Incredibly smart move on his part and that could pay dividends for us moving forward to rebuild our roster!

I’m in as long as Mariah keeps her videos coming :sunglasses:

She may win the press conference for her dad by herself!

We’ll all support Musselman because it’s who we are and what we do passionately as Razorbacks fans, but I’d be lying if I said I’m at all excited about this hire.

I like it… the guy is very inspirational and has a great pedigree hopefully he can recruit well enough to get us back to where we want to be.