Being held back....

I been telling you guys all season long that Gafford was holding us back…

I think that’s too quick of an assessment. Indiana may pound us to dust without Gafford. What we saw tonight was what we’ve talked about all season which is the potential of this team with our speed to push the game into our pace.

A lot of folks, including myself have thought we would improve without Gafford. Best spacing I’ve seen all year. Team ball.

I’ve also wanted to see what Ethan had and was pleasantly surprised. Plays within his role and brings a lot. 5 boards were huge.

Reggie was a beast.

7.5 dogs and ran them on their court. Let’s beat IU

Well, if you mean that some may have been slow on the uptake because DG was there and clearly should have been the focus of our attack, then maybe so. But, I would argue that had a couple of these guys shown the heart and consistency they did tonight, the staff would not have held them back.

Come on guys this post was posted with about 95% sarcasm intended.

I agree we had a faster team but tonight we played very well in the half court offense, your right the potential obviously has been there but we’ve been unable to get it to gel for some reason until tonight. Who knows what to expect next game, but tonight were winners when virtually no one gave us much of a chance. WPS

Yeah people definitely missing the sarcasm tonight

Did anyone else notice Chaney after fouling out? Had hand slaps and fives from players and assistants but neither he nor Mike initiated any communication? Maybe this is much ado about nothing but it’s concerning to me with the rumors of his departure

Mike almost never interact with players coming off the floor unless he is coaching them up. You maybe reading too much into it.

Yeah, I’d say Mike was probably a little busy getting his replacement chosen and giving him his offensive and defensive instructions in the 60 seconds allotted.

Mike has never been a real emotional guy on the bench, whether it be interacting with players or officials. There’s been more than one time I wish he would channel Nolan and just go ahead and get a technical, just to shake things up, but that is just not who he is.

Really? That’s your takeaway from this game? He sure did play his butt off for someone rumored to be leaving.

Much ado about nothing

No it’s not my takeaway from the game! I posted elsewhere how good they looked. I was just watching that moment closely considering there has much rumored not just on this board about Reggie leaving. It just concerned me which is why i asked. I’m hopeful Reggie, if he was leaning toward leaving, has seen that he has a huge role going forward.

I guess I missed it, but there are other people who actually believe this on other social media sites.


There is no doubt Mike didn’t really use Chaney as much as he should have this year. It has been a strange deal to watch a talented kid like Chaney sit on the pine for most of the year. He has played, but not nearly enough. It was not like we were a great team loaded with talent…our front line is the weakest part of this team. Chaney playing behind Bailey and Gabe is a real mystery. Why not put Gabe behind Gafford? What difference does it make? Not much. I understand if Reggie Chaney is not happy with his playing time and how he was used this year. Well, this year is about over, so I hope Coach Anderson can work it out with Reggie so he stays. We can’t afford to lose that kid. We have already lost one talented freshman at semester.

We need to be fair when discussing Reggie Chaney.

Yes, he’s a very good player with lots of potential to be a great player in my opinion. But last night wasn’t the norm for Chaney. He’s had some very good games and he’s also had some very bad games where traveling and taking wild shots among the trees did happen often. A lot of the inconsistency with him is the same I’ve been saying with the whole team, which is youth and inexperience. Should Anderson have played him more to flush out the kinks in his game? I don’t know. But we also must realize he was clearly the most viable option of our other big men to back up Gafford and we all knew Gafford was going to get the most minutes possible, which would limit Chaney’s.

I think someone said earlier that he was an upgrade to both Bailey and Gabe, but didn’t understand why he was Dan’s backup and not Gabe, it wouldn’t make that much of a difference. I think he proved your point even though he was trying to bash Gabe.

It’s been said several times (by me, plus I know others have said it), Chaney and Jones coming off the bench was beneficial. If you started them and looked at the guys who’d be on the court to give them breathers you completely understand it.

Last night they all looked good, and I’m glad. Hopefully they continue to NY

I’m excited to see how Chaney and Henderson play after the huge dose of confidence they got last night along with the rest of the team. WPS