Beilema can learn from Garrett/Cowboys/Elliott

I found this article pretty interesting. … lite-class

“I feel like the most physical team wins the game, you know?” Elliott said recently. “When you can set that physical tone early in the game and carry it throughout the game, you find [opponents] not wanting to play in the fourth quarter.”

“You want to set the tone for the game,” Garrett told reporters after beating the Packers at Green Bay on Oct. 16. “If your offense can drive the football and go get points, score a touchdown, it certainly gives you some momentum early on. And I think it helps the defense. They say, ‘Now it’s our turn. We have to start fast.’”

The offensive line is terrific. It was a great strategy to draft offensive linemen instead of Johnny Football.

With respect, I believe CBB is already well aware of this strategy. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it has been his plan here since Day #1.

But it’s not as easy to sign 4 and 5 star blue chippers when you don’t have a draft to take advantage of, as Dallas does. No college coach is guaranteed a “first round” draft pick every season. That’s what Dallas has used to build their line. We, on the other hand, have pursed “first round talent” . . . but for a variety of reasons, not much of it has hit the field for us. We’ve flat out missed on some top prospects, and others we have signed have not (yet) panned out. Reeve Koehler was highly thought of but never played for us, and Wallace has not yet “seen the light”.