Behold the Angel Gabriel

With a really strong first half. Not so Adrio.

Or Chaney, who in his first start had 0 points, 2 rebounds and 4 turnovers in 7 minutes.

Chaney played very well in the 2nd half, but mysteriously never played the last 7-8 minutes in crunch time. If we are going to have much success this season, Chaney will have to be a part of this. He is much more talented than Gabe or Bailey. I hope he will get more pt.

Agree :100:

I’m not a big Gabe fan. Never have been but he probably had his best game today…Reason Chaney did not get as many minutes. Chaney had some real problems as a starter. Out of position on D a lot. That and turnovers. Played a lot better when he came in in the second half.

I’m one of few (or maybe the only one that likes Gabe.)i have been to many games, and for all of his misgivings, the kid will scrap for loose balls and rebounds, unlike a lot of the other players. I’m beyond numb waiting for a good rebounding Arkansas team. Obviously Texas State for most of the game outhustled the Razorbacks. Texas State outrebounded us by 8 and had 19 second chance points to our 2. They were woeful at the free throw line or would have probably won.

I didn’t watch the game but listened. think being saddled with 4 fouls and having a bad turnover day was the reason. The coach just didn’t trust him in that situation. Plus Hogs were maintaining a good lead with what they had on the floor.