Behind the scenes with Bret Bielema: UA staff crams in a full day

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Thanks for posting the link late, Richard! I was busy over the weekend and I missed this article.

It was fascinating.

Wow, I was exhausted just reading about it. Pretty cool that he prioritizes doing a Bible study. I like that CBB doesn’t wear it on his sleeve. I get the impression from following various players on twitter that faith is a key part of this team.

I loved the article. The peek into a day in the life was interesting. Love that he has a weekly bible study.

He is such a caring man that really understands his kids and how to get them to respond. Reach out to a kids high school teacher? That’s really knowing your kids.

Geez, where did all this take place? UAM, UALR, UAFS or UAF. You never told me the campus where this took place. :evil:

Seriously, that was very interesting. You talk about a looong day.

Excellent piece, Richard. That really was a special project you were working on. CBB does seem to keep it real, from the Bible study to allowing assistants to take their kids to school to knowing what buttons to push on each player (wow, a high school teacher for one!). My only concern was he waited until 6:45 p.m. to check in with his pregnant wife? Hmmm, may need to work in a call a little sooner in the next few months … ha!

I’m sure she will be calling him a little more often after the baby is born.

I was in his office the last hour or so on that day and I was worn out. When he said he was about to head home I was so ready.