Beginning of the end?

for CMA? His teams have underachieved on a regular basis… He just does not seem driven…

At some point he isn’t going to be able to get out of the holes he keeps digging for himself.

Digging himself???This is a bad decision by a young man. Can’t put this on CMA…

Oh please!! Anything to put on CMA. If Penny had not been hired they stay put. Kids want to be the stars nowadays. Hall has a lot of upside. But CMA didn’t run them off. Talk about jumping to conclusions.

Oh, no one is saying he is responsible for their departure…just saying the team has underachieved (don’t think anyone can argue with that) under his watch and with their departure, it might mean a VERY POOR 2018-2019 season which might mean the “end of the end”… It’s obvious he is only after a pay $.

Lol. Jones likely doesn’t have a spot at Memphis.

The dude has done nothing but dig holes for himself for the last 4 years. Poor recruiting/roster management/retention. Surprise surprise but its not all bad luck buddy.


for CMA? His teams have underachieved on a regular basis… He just does not seem driven…

[/quote]I believe he’s doing very well. Usually we are in the top half of the SEC and logically we should be in the lower third since Arkansas is a small state with a small recruiting base.

There were two seasons of 22 wins or more from 1999-2000 to 2012-2013.

Since 2013-2018, there have been four in five seasons - including 27, 26, 23 and 22.

Digging holes? Please.

I’m glad he is able to surpass the very high standards of Heath and Pelphrey. Why is this always the standard? Why can’t he be compared to Nolan or Eddie too? What about other coaches at similar programs? I guess that wouldn’t fit the agenda.

Also applauding a 22 win season that ended up in the NIT? There are teams yearly in the NIT, CBI, CIT getting that many. Funny stuff man.

Here is a few facts for you:
2-3 in the NCAA Tournament
Ranked for one week in the last three years of the Top 25 polls
Never has made it to the 2nd weekend of the NCAA tournament
No SEC regular season or SEC Tournament Championship

We don’t matter in the post season and dang sure don’t in the regular season either. Aint “Built for March” and aint “Built for November” either lol.

He’s neither as good as his ardent fans think he is or as bad as you and others think.

Glad I could return the laugh you gave others.

I worked on Coach Sutton and Coach Richardson’s staffs and he is not at the same level those coaches were.

Of course not many have been.

You do realize that every single team he’s had here at Arkansas has out performed their SEC pre-season poll prediction right? So, the assessment that he’s “underachieved on a regular basis” is factually incorrect.

Also, you do realize he’s bringing a potential top 10 pick back in Gafford to go alongside the #22 class in the nation? And that’s not even counting us potentially adding 2 more people to the class to improve that ranking.

Next season was and still is dependent on how far Gafford was going to take us. We haven’t had a guy that’s projected top 10 pick in nearly 20 years (Joe Johnson was the last one in 2001). And you’re saying this is the beginning of the end? LOL. Joe Lunardi must not have got that message he projected us as a 9 seed in the field in his first 18-19 bracketlogy that was released today.

But by all means you guys can carry on don’t let facts and logic get in the way.

So, what similar programs you are comparing to and what similar coaches? Want to see where you are coming from? These programs better be in Power 5 conferences. Don’t bring up schools like Loyola, Wichita State, etc. You know it is different qualifying for NCAAT for Power 5 schools than for few dominant schools in non-Power 5 conferences.

You left the most important facts from your set of facts to justify removal of Anderson.

Continued increase in season ticket sales and overall ticket sales every year
Continued increase in actual attendance and fan enthusiasm at BWA
Steady flow of foundation contributions
Continued improved graduation rate and APR after being in a major hole

As long as that stays up, you are going to be disappointed. He really needs to start digging a hole in the above areas before…

Also you left out some key numbers for on court performance. We have been the second best team in SEC in the SECT and second best or tied for second best in many SEC categories over the last 4 years.

BTW, welcome to the forum.

He might not have a starting spot but I will not be surprised if he winds up there. We shall see.

I actually agree with all of that. He isn’t awful or bad but he isn’t good enough either. Thats why I’m throwing out the criticism.

We are basically in the dreaded no mans land. Compare it to an NBA Eastern conference 6-7 seed team in the playoffs who aren’t going anywhere year after year. Just stagnant.

For one year maybe. But alot of that was set up because of the excitement of the non conf season and soooo many home saturday SEC games. If we aren’t very good next year the Bud will go back to being a tomb.

I don’t know who you guys are talking to but everyone I speak with isn’t happy with this program or they at least think Mike has took it as far as he can.

Season ticket sales are up and we had more sellouts this year than we’ve had in a long time. So, apparently the people you speak to aren’t going to the games and buying tickets. How many butts are in those seats are what determines the fans perspective of where the program is. And based on that most are either excited where it’s headed or they just like wasting their money. Either way CMA seems to be good right now.

Excitement and interest was certainly up this season.

More tickets sold, more donations, etc.

Those are facts, not opinions.

I would strongly disagree with the initial premise of this thread. Mike’s teams here have not underachieved regularly by any means.