I’m old fashioned and admit it. If you don’t want to go on a road trip or play for my team, then I’ll be glad to call you a cab or Lyft or Uber, but don’t forget your stuff as you leave…We’re better off without you.

I’m 67 years old but I agree with you you’re old fashioned. Gafford is his own man and is thinking about his future. May God bless him!

Again, some of you are taking this as fact instead of rumor.

I don’t think that is fair to Chaney.

The next 24 hrs should really be interesting, thanks. WPS

In the long run using Chaney as a 5 should help him with his inside game, plus I’m sure MA would have explained the situation to him very well how important it was. Now Chaney knowing he is a highly probable starter next year & to just up and leave over lack of minutes or how he was utilized this year doesn’t make sense.

Look either the players are all in or not.
Seems these days and the “New Norm” is players are in it for a minute, but ???

I didn’t think Chaney was able to play the 4 well when Gafford was in there. Most of his turnovers happened when he was on the wing playing the 4 as simple as that. You want Mike to win games and keep all 13 happy. Not going to happen. That is why you sign players like Gabe as the 12th or 13th scholarship who will give you everything they have without complaining about minutes.

Don’t you think Mike will have to be low IQ or mean or suicidal to not play him at 4 more if he was better?

this is a great point Swine!