Was reported on a radio show this afternoon that a certain forward had to be begged by his teammates to get on the plane to Providence today.

Seeing how they got on the plane last night, I call BS

Exactly what baked said. Now they could have meant last night, but if accurate(big if) we in huge trouble if that’s the case

If Chaney does leave, man it’s gonna be hard to replace him. I am not about firing a coach bc of players threatening to leave but it seems like this team is coming apart at tbe seams. Of course none of this is confirmed but lots and lots of smoke. If Chaney leaves, it won’t matter if we keep Mike or not, he can’t replace all these parts this late in the game. He will be fired next year.

Who was the radio guy?

The team left at 1 p.m. on Monday

Dudley, it was Grant Hall on his show today. He was discussing a rumor about a certain player that teammates had to coax to come with them to the NIT game and it wasn’t Gafford. I heard this too as I was driving today.


That is discussing a rumor, not reporting.

A vast difference in journalism.

I talked to Grant just now.

He says that he didn’t report it, he was just passing along a rumor he had heard fro one of his sources and didn’t know whether it was true or not.

He thought it presented it that way.

Did they say supposedly what his beef is?


I don’t think he would have felt comfortable even mentioning the rumor if he didn’t feel his source was a legit source that’s how it works… I tell you this much I doubt they were begging Gabe, Ethan or Adrio to come… this new generation of athletes smh just seem like premadonnas always run to the aau squad next team etc when they don’t get their way… We all have to know you take you with you every where you go

Meant that it was said on the radio show today, not that the team left today. Wasn’t saying it happened was just putting it out there in case anyone else had heard anything.

If Grant knew it was pure rumor, and no idea if it was true, why put it out there at all?

Looks like we have another good player looking to jump ship… really though Chaney should have been starting at the four spot all season no excuse for having Gabe and Adrio play the minutes they did

Have no idea if this begging rumor is true, I would think if MA knew this was happening he would have sent him packing. He doesn’t strike me as a guy that will put up with a lot of nonsense. WPS

Couple things:

  1. There were several pictures last night posted of guys getting on the bus headed to the airport. They all looked very excited and happy. There was also a pic of Mike, who didn’t.

  2. The rumors of Chaney leaving aren’t new. That has been speculation ever since Dudley (I believe way back in Nov) said that he thought four guys were leaving (Gafford - NBA, Garland - Medical, and 2 guys not getting a lot of minutes). Now, I’m paraphrasing what Dudley said, but that’s what I took out of it, my assumption at the time was Ibby and Henderson, and that’s my assumption today. However, ever since Dudley made that comment, every single member of the team has been mentioned with the leaving except Desi Sills. At least four have had “bad attitudes” and Mike has been cutting their minutes to “teach them a lesson.” I don’t believe anything except we will have some guys leave besides Dan and Khalil regardless of who coaches next season.

  3. All of the sports “reporters” (and I use that term loosely, and I’m including some individuals on this site, and I’m sure y’all can guess who they are and who they aren’t) have said something in the last 2-3 weeks and have all backtracked. Heck, there are quite a few people who have sources that post on here and they’ll tell you their sources have backtracked, flip-flopped, or just plain played dumb. I don’t think anyone has a clue right now of what is really happening.

  4. I believe Dudley has legitimate sources and knows to an extent what may be about to happen, (not sure others that are writing articles or posting do), but I believe he’s not gonna say until he gets confirmation from the U of A, and probably HY or CMA themselves.

Now, before anyone says anything (reporters on this site) I’m pretty sure by my comments you can figure out who I’m talking about not knowing and who probably does know, if you feel I’m slighting you, then maybe you need new sources

lol, some people believe all of what they hear. However if that was the case I would be the first one to say leave him!!!

Most successful coaches use and develop their best and most talented players. Just saying. Chaney has the most upside at the 4.

I think all of us - including the current coaching staff - knows that.

But their lack of recruiting a solid back-up to Gafford pigeon-holed Chaney into the back-up five for most of the year with about 1/4 of his time on the floor coming when Gafford was on there as well.

Dudley, I couldn’t agree more. The scary part is I’m afraid we’ll lose Chaney this year because of how he was used.