Before today I didn’t think there was any

Chance BB got fired this year. Odds now have got to be close to 50%? Not saying that is what we should or shouldn’t do.

Only game that is a gimme is Coastal Carolina. Ole Miss has a lot of offensive talent and it’s in the road. Probably should beat Mizzou, but everyone else will be favored.

Looking like 4-8. If so he has to go.

If he fires Anderson this week and somehow gets to a bowl think he will be around for another year.

Time for Cajun gunslinger to get more reps. Allen has not been right since mid season last year

Since A&M last year when he got hit so much…has had PTSD since

As much as I would like it we can’t afford it. $15m+ if before 12/31 and $11m+ If after.

We will not pony up that kind of $$$.

Let’s talk about this. The announcers said that AA is the MOST sacked QB in the SEC (honestly can’t remember time reference they said). that’s simply UNACCEPTABLE!

uncommon buyout = BB stays 2018…

It is a manageable situation.

It’s not a lump sum…paid out over three years

He makes $4.7 MM. Arkansas will hire an up and comer that will make $3.0-$3.5MM. That difference helps make the buyout manageable.

Bielema will not coach the Arkansas Razorback football team in 2018. The long term damage of retaining a lame duck would be huge!

Don’t know that I agree RE 2018 but CBB has a dilemma…the longer he stays and fails the more he harms his marketability for future HC jobs or does he leave on his own and cut his losses and maybe move to the NFL?

Move to the NFL? To do what… take a job as a position coach?

Plus our recruiting will continue to go downhill because other coaches will say that he will not be there in a year or two. He has to go.

Correct…don’t see him getting a chance at a P5 school any time soon…the schools that would be interested now probably couldn’t pay the $$$ the NFL could. IDK but it sure seems like he is doing more and more harm to his college hire-ability every week. Maybe New England?

You think they haven’t been saying that already? Opposing recruiters are reading this board and ones like it, and emailing links to recruits for threads like this one: “The fans want Bielema gone right now, why would you want to play for him?”