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late to post. Ryan is visiting A&M this weekend.

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Has there ever been an out of state 5-star that we can’t afford to lose more than Wingo?

Wingo is obviously a rare, special talent. I sure hope he chooses to be a Razorback.


Adrian Peterson? Sheldon Richardson? DGB?

Did we ever have a real shot at Peterson? I have no idea who the 2nd dude is, and the third cat was a bust.

I’d say equal with wingo. But luckily we had DMAC the following year.

DGB may or may not have been a bust with us and wingo may be a bust. DGB was #1 overall like AP. Richardson had problems but again hindsight is irrelevant to answer your q.

He will probably get offered at least million $ signing bonus at A&M

Yeah, NIL is a much bigger recruiting tool for the high 4 and 5 star football recruits than it is for the top basketball recruits. Those 5-star football players still have to play 3 years at the college level. Most all the 5-star basketball recruits will be one and done.

I believe there will always be great basketball recruits that think like Nick Smith. He said NIL was a non-factor in his choice of school. It was all about the coach, the team, and winning championships. He wanted to go to a team he thought had a great shot at the final four and maybe a National Championship.

There’s a big difference between waiting one year for the millions of dollars and waiting 3 years.

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