Been there before? Act like it then

Have you been there before? Then act like it for goodness sake.

  1. OC Briles: We go up 14 points, then Coach Briles is carrying (then dropping, btw) our TB Smith down the sidelines on his shoulder. Love the enthusiasm, but………As a leader, a coach needs to learn how much players look at you and the messages you are sending even when you are not trying to send a message. It is late in the game and we just got a two-touchdown lead. The game was not over. Did our players (including the defensive side of the ball) let down their guard and relax a little. The game was not over. Maybe? Behave like you have been there before. Here is a perfect example: Former HFC Chaddy Boy celebrated with the team after we beat Colorado State in Fayetteville. Congratulations Chaddy…that was your biggest win. Adios. And I wonder why Coach Briles stopped running the ball late in the game. Smith was running all over/around their Defense. Isn’t coaching about finding what is working then doing what is working until it does not work any longer. The Mizzou defense was getting tired. Simple?...So keep it simple…KISS. Keep it Simple ______.

Have you been there before? Then act like it for goodness sake.

  1. Regarding the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty late in the game. Dear rookie official…you overreacted. You also need to act like you have been there before and not have a temper tantrum and make the call you made that probably affected the outcome of the game. Having a bad day ref? Go get some friendliness from your wife/girlfriend or both and come back when you are in a good mood or…. beg your wife to give you permission to talk at home? A veteran official would have jogged toward the overreacting youngster grabbing his flag in one hand (but not so much as to be noticed) and warning the player to get over himself before he drew a penalty. Great officials do not get noticed, just FYI.

Have you been there before? Then act like it for goodness sake.

  1. Defensive player drawing the unsportsmanlike penalty. Really? you need that much more attention? Was your individual play you made that spectacular? Really? Good play, congrats, be proud, but get your butt back to your team and get over yourself….learn to let others pat you on the back for good play. Definite teaching point coaches……officials do not like that BS.

  2. Our team needs to learn how to win. We have lost a LOT recently. Good things to come? Absolutely.

We will be there backing you. but we just have a lot to learn. Coach Pittman can and will get us there, I have the confidence.


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