Been stated before but worth repeating

Mike Leach could and would win faster than any other coach we bring in because his offense is NOT dependent on BIG STRONG linemen…which Arkansas will NEVER have an abundance of like LSU Bama Georgia or Auburn… His passing game is quick short passes… The hogs have the playmaker receivers and I am sure LEACH could pick from several QBs who would LOVE to play for him…I know the knock is NO defense but he did have a great def cord hired that the sooners swept in and got…I think Leach knows he has to play def in the SEC…Plus he knows TEXAS and I think he would be here longterm and not use the hogs as a stepping stone…Some other names mentioned would use us to feather their resume…just my thoughts…Name me any place Mike has been that he has not won…Plus He WANTS to be here…and that make a BIG BIG difference

I’m absolutely fine with Leach. I’m just not sure our AD and his boss(es) are. He’d be a huge step up from what we had.

Keep reading stuff on here that he wants to be here. So how do we really know that? Does he just want out of WSU and will take whatever decent job is open or does he want to be here? If Missouri opens up, will he want to there too. Does he want to be at FSU? Maybe back at Oklahoma if Riley goes to Dallas… So why Fayetteville?

Why Lubbock Texas

Where was he before he went to Lubbock?

OU off coordinator

He does. I promise you.

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So coordinator to head coach, therefore Lubbock would be attractive. It was also attractive in his rearview mirror.

Why Fayetteville? And it’s Fayetteville over other places?

Not understanding the last part.

If Missouri opens up or FSU? Maybe even Oklahoma when Riley goes to Dallas.
Those places or Fayetteville.

That I can’t say. I just know he’s interested. That I’m 100% sure on.

Wanting out of Washington State and looking for a challenge?

Always wanted a chance to coach in the SEC.

Sorry to be obtuse, but didn’t we just try the smaller quicker linemen and scheming to avoid trying to play against physically superior teams? I know that approach has been reasonably effective in the PAC 12 and the Big 12, but the Auburns, Bamas etc seem to like us soft teams.
Seems we would be another two years behind going in this direction. I know some think he is a tough coach, and he might be, but I don’t equate foul mouthed ranting with tough.

I would be surprised if it’s Leach, or Joey Freshwater for that matter, but I don’t know what HY knows or is finding out through the vetting process. And that applies to anyone else whose name has been mentioned (or not mentioned) in this process. The only name on my Hell No list is Arthur Gustavo Malzahn III. I know all I need to know about “Saint” Gus. If HY thinks Leach or Kiffin is the best choice, so be it.

Leach knows about Ark when he was on H Mumme’s staff at Kentucky in the late 90s. He has seen first hand how the fans support the hogs, he has seen first hand the potential the football program has.

Very difficult to recruit to WSU. It’s very isolated. Told it’s very difficult to get Cali kids there unless it’s for an official visit.

Just looked it up and see it’s 19.5 hours of driving time from LA to Pullman.

Cannot compare c Morris with Leach. Morris was in over his head. He may be great one day but not now. Leach is seasoned and proven. We win quicker with him than any other hire. It is unusual that coaches make it known they would love the job. Most play it close to the vest. As for trying out Morris. Leach would have a very viable qb.from the start. With that said HY is the man and I will support whoever he decides on. But I do hope it is not ?? No name provided by design.

He knew the challenges going to WSU and he knows of the challenges in coming to Arkansas. How do you think he would handle the challenges here? If, big IF, he’s the one.