Been off line awhile

Been off line awhile - been running the back roads of the bluegrass

Loving some fine bourbon and great food

Been turkey hunting and working the family farm out in the middle of nowhere Kentucky

Chasing grandsons who I hope I can influence to like the Razorbacks

It’s a lonely place in Kentucky - even Louisville - as a Razorback fan

Still reading I’m going down that road of endless Razorback fan hope that this is the year Arkansas turns around and is s challenger and winner again

In my conversation with SEC fans Coach Morris recruiting skills is being noticed

I’m being cautious however - looking for 5 wins and if lucky 6

I think 5-6 wins is doable. Definitely need to see some improvement to give fans hope and keep recruits excited about the direction.

It’s clear to me giving fans and recruits hope is huge

It’s an interesting interdependency between fans and players

They feed off each other in successful programs

Players that blame fans for bad things happening like coaches being fired should look deeply at how their lack of performance contributed to a Coach being fired not that fans were dis satisfied after years of failure

5-6 wins should give fans a trajectory that points to success and should give recruits hope that winning is possible and winners get to go to the next level with fond memories and relationships that will last a life time

Hope your turkey season better than mine — 1st time 35 years didn’t kill turkey— didn’t hear single gobble 2dt week— heard lots gobbles week end before season started

1st week

My turkey season was horrible saw only 1 Tom - should of took him

We have had rain out the wazooo and some of the surrounding properties are baiting add my southern side of the property the owner is logging 50-90 year old trees - the very kind that is best for roosting - it is sad

I think in two weeks I’ve had 3 days of good hunting - I don’t hunt on the Lords day

No Tom turkey this year - and I.dont shoot Jakes

An Arkansas connection - I use Arkansas Eddie Horton made calls and while I’m not the best caller his calls make the difference called in that one Tom - just before he stepped into my max range a henncsme our of the woods and took him away lol

Most Tom’s can’t refuse an Arkansas girl accent :wink: from a Horton call

I don’t turkey hunt like I use to. Got tired of all the turkeys. Introduced a friend. I think he has 5 or 6 so far in 2 weekends. I don’t think he has one from CO yet. those came from NE and SD - turkey heaven for certain

Met a guy this spring whose goal is to kill a turkey in every state.He was at 29 when I met him and for the next 11 days he killed 15 turkeys in 9 different states— sent me pictures of them all— including 1 in the snow n Colorado and 1 in the snow in Wyoming.I figure he has lots f jack and understanding wife!!

She must sure like eating turkey…

Turkey is great eating. Fried turkey is awesome.

I’ve heard very good things about Turkey in Nebraska but never heard of it in South Dakota - I love South Dekota esply the Black Hills area - beautiful

I love Turkey Hunting - far more than deer hunting - I’ve really gotten tame in my old age - well since my last deployment over seas - I’m just not into shooting things anymore - but I love doing an Indian taking Coup in a way - get so close to the animal so you can touch it LOL
but I ,love the out doors - Growing up on the Arkansas River Valley I loved hunting trips to Yell County and Hallow Bend and family farms in the Ozarks north of Clarksville

As the Wind swayed the trees I remember my grandpa Tippin saying; “Look Boy the Breath Of God”

Out doors in Gods nature is a very powerful spiritual place for me - and Hunting adds to the encounter

My Favorite way to eat Wild Turkey is to make turkey strips, bread it, season it and fry it.

I have never eaten fried turkey (boiled turkey, but not fried).

Come to think of it, I wonder why not?

Give it a try - you will love it

  1. I have fried many (probably 50) ‘store-bought’ turkeys - but tried only once to fry a wild turkey. For some reason they don’t seem to fry properly, you have to almost burn the exterior to get the inside completely cooked. Maybe it was the wild turkey I was drinking.
  2. Inject with marinade and keep refrigerated for 24 hrs. before frying - fry with oil at 350 degrees for 4 mins. per pound

Wild Turkey is simply too lean to fry correctly IMHO - all lean dark meat - Ive learned that cooking the breast alone is helpful - I bread them seasoned to taste and try them then

My son inlaw has had some success with slow smoking and bacon strips but our favorite is still making turkey strips and bread and fry individually

I believe we have both played in some of the same hills of the Ozarks from the northern parts of Franklin, Johnson, Yell counties. Even up into Madison & Newton counties.
Beautiful country & some of the best homemade Muscadine Wine & Moonshine makers.

Making my mouth water. Fried wild turkey breast is hard to beat. :slight_smile:


I believe we have both played in some of the same hills of the Ozarks from the northern parts of Franklin, Johnson, Yell counties. Even up into Madison & Newton counties.
Beautiful country & some of the best homemade Muscadine Wine & Moonshine makers.


I love the rolling Hills, deep valleys and flowing streams of the Ozark Mountains, I left my heart there on a Ozark Hillside

yes we have seen the same beautiful places and my Love for Arkansas and her people run deep

I admit I was warned by a Mentoring Colonel to hid the fact I was from Arkansas because as he put it “Your fellow Officers will assume you are backward and your minority Troops will assume you are prejudice until you prove otherwise”

he went on to say “Tell everyone your from the Midwest and that the Army is your home and move away from the subject”

I didn’t follow his Sage advise because I love Arkansas so much and all those places you mentioned play a deep part in that love for the land and people - Indeed those prejudices against Arkansas proved to be true but in time I was able to overcome them - by performance and character - a character that is deeply woven and imbued from my youth in Arkansas,

I think that experience gave me some insight into the recruiting challenges Arkansas faces but with effort and character I am sure that can be overcome too

Not ever been a big fan of Muscadine wine and I’ve had some really good Arkansas “Shine” I think the best comes from the Ozarks - for the same reasons the best bourbon comes from Kentucky because of the Fresh limestone filtered natural water and the weather

I miss Arkansas and I hope to see the Arkansas Football program be a national ambassador of excellence and winning for Arkansas again