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for awhile but I get sidetracked.

I have no idea how the next few years will go but so far the 2023 class looks promising. Arkansas will have to close very strong which I think they’re capable of doing to get where Pittman wants them.

Before Dabo got to Clemson, they recruited well but nothing like they do now. It took him and his staff a few years to start landing the better classes.

I remember seeing what they were doing under Dabo and started asking how is this happening. So I started asking some of the higher profile recruits why Clemson? I remember just about everyone of them talked about the environment around the program and how it was like a family.

Again, we’ll see how the next several years pan out, but you’re starting to hear similar words from kids and parents about Arkansas. I’ve used Clemson as an example how if they can do it, Arkansas can too. It just takes the right man for the job.

Clemson has it with Dabo. Things are trending well under Pittman right now. How much more can they improve recruiting over the next few years will tell if Arkansas can maybe get to the Clemson level one day.


No worries RD….worth the wait to read a post like this from you. I agree with you as well, as things seem to be trending upward big time for the Hogs!!!


I think I heard Sam say it was refreshing to hear that every time he talks to a recruit they are very excited to listen to him because they see the direction of the program and the success that we’ve had. We go out and win 9 or 10 games this year and it could get off the chain good for a while.

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RD, coming from you that is an impactful statement. I know a lot of us guys here are very keen as to what comes from you and Dudley on a more ‘personal’ level - so this carries good weight with us!

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They’re showing the ability to get a large number of high profile guys on campus. That’s key. Arkansas has gotten their share of top of recruits on campus in past years but I don’t remember this many. The higher number you get on campus, the better chance of landing a few.


Glad you shared this RD.

I like what CSP said shortly after he was hired.
“I don’t know if I’m doing things the right way or the wrong way, but I know one thing I’m doing it my way.”
His way is definitely working so far. If it’s similar to Dabo’s way at Clemson, that is good too.


Arkansas can win big in the SEC with the right coach. I have been skeptical over the last 20 years (with a couple exceptions and/or a couple exceptional years) that we would ever be able to attract that coach. Always happy to eat my words. Richard, your posts renew my faith. Thank you.


History tells us not to expect recruiting sucess like Clemson has had but Clemson wasn’t national power until Dabo got there. Definitely a top 25 type program but not a top 5-10.

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In addition to the feeling of a family atmosphere, it is also the feeling of sincerity during the recruiting process from the coaches toward the recruit. I think Coach Pittman and staff are doing that. GHG!

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