Been in Warren at meetings all day -------------------

----------------- and had an interesting conversation with some folks who know Treylon well. I apologize if this has already been discussed. Will share just in case some of it hasn’t:

  1. They explained that he, his family, & friends were in Searcy because that is the home of his fiance’.
  2. I asked how Bo Embree knew how he was going to be drafted while all of the draft gurus didn’t? Turns out that the Titans Head Coach called Bo that morning while Treylon was turkey hunting and told Bo they would be trading up to take him at the 18 slot. That is some big respect for a high school coach when an NFL head coach calls him personally to share draft secrets. I wonder if Dallas would have tried to trade up if they had known?
  3. They said that Treylon felt that his worst interview was with Nashville and it was the worst visit of all 14+ teams that brought him in. He is happy with the pick but was totally surprised when Bo told him that morning who would be drafting him.

Overall slick move by the Titans…hope that spells a good couple years for Burks.

Apparently Tenn thought the interview and visit was better. But from all the shared info about Treylon lately I just don’t see him having a bad interview.
I can’t think of a better way to relax but keep the mind focused on an important life changing day than Turkey hunting. Fishing would rank right up there to.


Looking back I always thought I did terrible in any interview, didn’t you?

Yea I never thought of myself as a very good interviewee. Always that 1 statement I thought was too over the top, true as they were but,

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