Been away a big portion of day - any news on OC?

Would like to see one named sooner v. later

Nothing new on the OC.

Dang! Thanks Matt

Matt … Brent Dearmon from Kansas was listed in the Gazette as a possible candidate but posters say he is not interested. I really liked him and just wondering if you had any idea if he truly is not interested. Also so an extended list of names on different site. One being Cowboys Tight Ends coach. Any insight there?

There is no urgency, now, regarding the OC position. We clearly missed the window of opportunity on Tuesday, in advance of national signing day this Wednesday.

Sadly, it’s just the state of affairs at Arkansas…and we only have 1 QB for next year…argh.

I’m not sure if there is interest on either side with Dearmon. I tend to think a lot of the names you hear in coaching searches are speculative. Based on our reporting, the only coaches known to have interviewed are Major Applewhite, Kendal Briles and Chip Long. That isn’t to say others haven’t spoken to Pittman about the job, but if they have, we don’t know who they are.

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Thanks Matt