Been a Lot of Questions About the Offensive Line

I was amazed (and elated) to see several times where gaping holes were opened for running backs and the runners made productive use of those holes. Even saw some good pass protection blocking. It was clearly the best that I have seen from this team for several years.

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They just need to keep the same guys together. Ty Clary had his best game. This was Colorado State’s defensive line, but this was a better performance. Ricky Stromberg will be a really good player. Myron Cunningham is an immense talent. The key to offensive line play is the mesh. It takes time and polish and repetitive situations. The more you see something, the better you react – together. Five have to play as one and you must know what the guy beside you is going to do.

Hoping they took a major step forward.

Would like to see some aggressiveness until the whistle blows and a nasty streak. Seems we watch a little at times.

But they definitely held blocks well for Starkel to pass and opened some good holes for backs.

Was positive for sure.

I find it interesting that the true freshman is the one who switches positions when they change the line personnel.

Stromberg plays both guard positions without missing a beat.

Really like him.

How much did Capps, Jackson and Clenin play?

Jackson played the entire game. Capps played most of the game. I didn’t see Clenin much.

In the third qtr I noticed that I hadn’t noticed Clary’s snaps… Had a lot better zip on the ball. Once I started paying attention to the snaps it was a noticeable improvement just over the last week…

Clary played well. didn’t notice Jackson, which is good. didn’t notice Capps, also good. and, it’s just nice to see the senior finally healthy and “at home” in the OL and playing well. great kid, it’s not impossible he gets drafted, if allowed to stay healthy and progress.

The right side changed a lot, with Cunningham starting RG, playing some RT and ending at RG. Stromberg started and played a lot, although I didn’t see him after he jumped on the 4thand 1. 68 played most of the game at RT, did fine.

I really liked the 4th quarter OL: Jackson, Capps, Clary, Cunningham, 68 (I’m having a stroke on his name, man I’m getting old).

If these guys stay healthy, they have a chance to be a good OL. If we are going to a bowl, this is a line that could be part of that.


68 Is Kirby Adcock. You may have been thinking of 78 Dalton Wagner. I think he exited to the locker room for a short time and reentered.

you are right, 78, Wagner, thanks for the help!