Becoming more of a Morris believer

After listening to Morris’ and Clemson’s history told by the guy from Dixie Fried Sports (?) just now on Bo’s show, I’m moving more and more into Morris’ camp.

He may not be the superstar name, but he seems to be a fantastic coach!

Sometimes you don’t know for a few years. Frank Broyles was 5-4-1 in one year at Missouri. He was 3-3 in the Big Seven. Yeah, it was the Big Seven back then.

He is a super coach and an incredible recruiter. Incredible. He would do a super job.

Plus, Clint Stoerner is going gaga over him on Twitter.


It’s JWright. MUST BE SOMETHING to it.

Now JWright you didn’t change Wiki did you? :smiley:

An incredible recruiter is what we need. It’s hard to count on player development every year, and our state isn’t producing players like McFadden and Mallet every year.

I was leaning towards him before I heard that. But now I’m all for it. I was pumping my fist during that interview.

Wright is always right.right?

LOL!! well, I’m not an expert but the coaches I have talked to know much more than I. I’m a Razorback Fan and I want the one who can do the job. I don’t care whom it is. Same for an AD too. I sure don’t know how to pick out a coach or an AD. I don’t want that job. I’LL leave that to others who know much more than I do. Go Hogs!!! And no, I didn’t change Wiki.

didnt bo have someone on his show that said morris would be a horrible fit? he’s replaying a bunch of interviews today, somehow he is leaving that one out… wonder why

Yeah he was one of those advanced metrics guy.

Talked about how his metrics didn’t grade out, his recruiting wasn’t good blah blah.

His metrics didn’t take into account the admission requirements at SMU, the turn around he’s had.

I thought he was full of you know what.

morris gets us back in texas
for sure

that is important i think

and yes.
cllint stoerner loves him

Venables and the Clemson Co-OC Eliot were just speaking on @FSBankHotline, and they had very good praise for Morris. Kind of made me think, if he becomes our HC, will the guys who wanted Gus be willing to shell out the money for Elliot and Venables to become our OC and DC?

I think BV makes almost 2 million per year at Clemson as the DC…would we pay 2.5 or 3 million and would he take it?

Somebody said he gets 1.77 (1.8), Up it to 2 million. I don’t know Elliot’s, but poaching both of Clemson’s coordinators may do what the hiring of Gus was thought to do. However, I agree, I’m not sure those that raised the 50 mil for Gus would use the 50 mil for HC and OC, DC, then whatever else the “top money for assistants” was. I think, however, it would actually benefit us more than just Gus.


Elliot makes $800,000-$850,000, Venables is $1.7 million. So, hire Morris for 4 million (2 million dollar raise), offer Venables $2 million, and Elliot $1.1 million. That’s the 7.1 million per that we offered for Gus. Then use the money they said they would use for top shelf assistants and recruiters for the rest of the staff. We may end up with an incredible staff, and with the money we would offer, it would be hard to poach them, unless they got HC opportunity.

I just ain’t sure the “good ole boys” would be willing to do that. I think they got their feelings hurt by Gus, and won’t be willing to pony up the same amount for anyone else.

Yep, he makes $1.7M at Clemson. It would be a stretch to hire a new HC and then pay Venables $2M+ to be the DC. Now if we hired him to be the HC…

I don’t think it’s that far of a stretch looking at the Gus offer, see the edit to my post above. I think the issue is would we still use all the money collected for Gus, for a “super staff”?

Morris would most likely be his own OC, would he not? His offense, he’s gonna call the plays. You have one to fill the position and help you coach, but no big bucs.

My thoughts on that are, Morris is making $2M at SMU, if he’s the guy. You probably have to pay him $4M to get him here. Then you burn $2M+ on Venables and something close to that on an OC, unless Morris plans to be his own OC. And he does have an OC at SMU so I would expect he’d want one here. Put all that together and you’re at well over $8M.

Have to put forth the money it takes to win.

Our coaching payroll has been middle of the pack, and the results show it.

Need stud coordinators