Became a Razorback on Oct 25, 1958 and again yesterday

On Oct 25, 1958, I was 12 years old, living in a small rural Ark town. The Hogs were 0-5 so my dad was able to get endzone seats to the Ark- Ole Miss game in Little Rock since fan interest was waning.
First Razorback game I ever saw. On the car ride to LR, I remember the conversation was that the new coach Frank Broyles was a big disappointment.
The Rebs were a perennial powerhouse then under coach Johnny Vaught and were ranked No. 6.
They were expected to crush us that day.
My lasting impressions from that day were how BIG and strong the Ole Miss players looked compared to us, and how hard the Hogs played the entire game, how viciously they hit (we were close to the field), and how tough running back Jim Mooty, fighting for every inch.
We lost that game 14-12, making 6 straight losses, but I became a Razorback fan that day. We won the last 4 games of that season.
The Frank Broyles era had arrived.
My point is not that we are beginning a new wonderful era for Razorback football, but if they continue to play as hard as yesterday, I will be a proud fan.



That’s the rub right there.

The UA fans understand the situation BUT expect EFFORT and SMART execution from the coaches and players.

That was severely missing against SJS.


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Mine was November 7, 1959. We lived in Houston. My Dad took me (9 years old) and my two older brothers to see Arkansas play Rice. We won that game and went on to share the SWC title with TCU and Texas and win the Gator Bowl over Ga Tech. We then moved back to Arkansas in 1961 and we went to at least one game in Little Rock every year, and then several games in Fayetteville after both my brothers, one in 64 & other in 66, went to UA. I started at UA in 1969, just in time for the big shootout.

Mine was Oct 3, 1959. I was 15 years old. Dad took me to my first game. We lived in Harrison…The stretch of 20-30 miles from outside of Alpena to near Huntsville was still a dirt road. To make matters worse it rained the whole day. Never the less we got our $3.00 tickets and watched Arkansas beat TCU 3-0 on a field goal by (I think it was Freddy Akers). Jim Mooty made All American that year. I believe TCU had a bruising running back by the name of Jack Spikes. Mom would always get on us over the years for taking losses so hard. Even my grand dad, who up until that time never followed much football found himself glued to the radio with us every Saturday they played. I don’t recall if there was ever high fives in those days, but the day Arkansas beat Texas on a short field goal that barely cleared the cross bar we bounced off the walls. Was it a 22 yarder by Freddie Childress?

Pig, I was in the south end zone that game for my first one. All I can remember was there were more folks at one place than I had seen in my life and they were loud.

I also remember a game with SMU in 90’s where AD Broyles was helping the ticket folks get tickets for fans due to the large walkup crowd for that game. It was the first games for our younger children and they had a blast. They thought it was cool the "Boss’ was selling them their tickets.

I hope our fan base can enjoy similar experiences in their lifetimes.

My first game was walker to carpenter pass against ole miss prolly 1956– I was 13

Not sure I can pick out a certain game, but '59 was the year I became a fan also. Had just turned 10.

I’m 68 and can’t remember anything but following the Hogs. Dad hated sports and gave me a lot of grief for my passion for football, basketball, baseball and track. He attended every game I played (better said sat on the bench). But my dad’s Uncle James took me to my first Razorback game in WMS sometimes about 1960. Uncle James probably enjoyed it as much as me. I can’t recall who we played or who won but I was awestruck and continue to be that way every time I enter a stadium, field or arena where the Hogs are playing.

Love winning but win, lose or draw I’m For Arkansas.

You kids. I remember going to Hog game at Little Rock HS stadium and then to first games at WMS in 1948. I remember Budddy Bob Benson to Preston Carpenter in '54 to beat Ole Miss. That 1958 game in LR I was a 20 year old Jr in Fayetteville. Thing I remember is referee Tommy Bell (later and NFL ref) called time out as Ole Miss lined up to kick winning field goal. The kick was good but Bell had called time out and they lined up to kick again with no time on the clock. The kick went wide and Bell called it good and took off running to get away from the crowd.

My 89 year old uncle attended that Ole Miss game. Today he is deep into Alzheimer’s and does not even talk but up until a couple of years ago he would still rail on about Tommy Bell screwing his beloved Hogs.

In 1958 I was 13 years old. I would take the little bus that traveled between Fayetteville and Springdale to the Fayetteville square then walk to Razorback stadium. I would sit on the grass in the north end zone with a $2 general admission ticket. For many years I was fanatic about the Razorbacks. I still remember Lance Alworth, the Thumper, Moody and all those guys that made my heart beat faster. I am still campaigning for the coaching staff to give the Thumper’s number 55 to the meanest linebacker on the team.

Mine was Dec 6, 1969 at the age of 11. We drove 9 hours from Houston to attend that game. The drive back was the longest & quietest of my lifetime, but I realized I was a diehard Razorback. Going to the '81 game in Fayetteville & seeing Arkansas beat #1 ranked ut 42-11 was somewhat of a consolation & payback.

I was there in 58 when Tommy Bell cheated us out of a tie. The whiskey bottles and the seat cushions were flying that day after that call. My hatred for Ole Miss was established that day. I can’t believe that Tommy Bell was not banned from officiating after that. It may have been a make up call for the time out, but you can’t cheat a team like that. It was so obvious and egregious. The kick was 3-5 feet wide.

Allan Green was the Ole Miss kicker. I still remember his name. I don’t remember the Ole Miss quarterback, though. Frank Broyles hair was red then as a young man. His shirttail was always out as he coached a game.

First game I attended was North Texas State in 1972 at WMS. I remember sideline tickets were seven dollars and end zone five.

First game October 16,1971,War Memorial against Texas, our high school took a bus load down from rural northeast Arkansas. Will never forget the experience Hog fan for life no matter the record. WPS

Lots of rain. Remember watching the game on TV.

That’s one of things I don’t remember at all, I was in awe of being at a Razorback game I guess. WPS

Yeah, I know the feeling. I was nine years old and when I walked into the stadium it was a bigger than life type of thing. Most games were just on radio other than maybe a game or two on TV.

Yes sir, what you see as a child and see it again now is entirely different and I try to remember that when doing things with my grand children . WPS