Beaux Limmer will a Great OL

I am really excited about him!! needs to put on about 25 lbs.may be an option at C but watch how he explodes off the ball WAY better than anybody we have now…this is how you drive block!! he has perfect pad level and great feet you don’t see him stand up and try to wall people off the way this OL did…been well coached. … 2468a97963

Agree!!! He has a nastiness to his play. Blocks through the whistle–very impressive.

High praise. Thanks youdaman!

Why is he so under-recruited? I’ve only heard great things about him

This is one of those guys you watch and see what he does and look back to see who evaluated him correctly, should be interesting. WPS

Size probably

yes I’m pretty sure the reason for no Bigtime offers is his size,they are so hung up on measureables they miss the most important one. Heart!! I may be wrong on him I see a very well coached kid who plays with an attitude,give me 5 of him and you can run any offense you want!

Usually when you size m up in the weight room they take on the look of a Hercules to.