Beaux Limmer is now

at 290. He was around 270 during the season.

I truly believe he has a good chance of being All SEC before he leaves the Hill.

he has been my favorite OL recruit,he has Great feet and pad level and plays with a nasty attitiude…I expect him to play early.

That’s encouraging Youdaman.

Sheesh…he could get to 305-310 easy with that frame!!! He would be NASTY at that weight!!!

Nastier. :wink:

He said he’s eaten a lot of tuna to get to 290. He’s sick of it.

LOL…don’t blame him. Time to switch it up to something else like maybe some salmon. It’s super hard to eat the right foods during a diet to lose weight and have got to believe it is equally hard to do the same when trying to gain “good weight” instead of bad weight. Disciplined eating for a teenager is never easy so kudos to him for staying the course. Once he get’s in our weight program he will really start to put on more good weight.