Beautiful tribute to Kobe today

Been a long time since I’ve cried so hard. Still doesn’t seem real. What incredible strength by Vanessa Bryant, and a very rare and profound speech by Michael Jordan. RIP, Mamba, GiGi, and their 7 dear friends.

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Yes, I choked up watching Vanessa. Hit it home and personal for me.

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I agree with both of you. It was a well put together tribute. I had forgotten how close Kimmel was to the family.

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I would still be in mourning if only Kobe had died, but losing Gianna and her friends and family, just makes this even more tragic. I sure would have loved seeing GiGi light up the WNBA. So sad to never get that opportunity. :cry:

Learned a lot watching this. Did not know the kind of impact Kobe had on women’s basketball players such as White Mamba Diana Taurasi and Oregon’s Sabrina Ionescu.

PJ and Jeremy, this would be a great opportunity for some of the other athletes of means to carry on his legacy by promoting kids athletics. I hope they do.

I’m in the good grief category…on the other hand, my son cried, too.

I do too, Jerry. Particularly women’s and girl’s sports. Kobe was moving on from basketball until Gianna revived his love of the game. If anything good can come of this tragedy, maybe people will finally realize that women’s sports are pretty damn entertaining. Kobe Bryant sure thought so, and he is the GOAT to me.

Kobe has big plans for women’s sports. I am.hoping his foundation or trust carries on and executes those plans. It is possible Kobe’s will passes on the control of that to Vanessa and it will be up to her to see that through.

Vanessa has a lot on her plate. I had never heard her speak publicly until today. I couldn’t have done what she did. That said, I hope Magic and LeBron pick up Kobe’s vision and see it thru.

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