Beautiful State

I’ve been out brush hogging all morning. We live in a beautiful state with the green hills. It was even more beautiful this morning after the Razorbacks beat Texas Saturday! The only thing that could have made it better was if I could have heard the jukebox while brush hogging. GHG!


I agree. My wife and I talked a lot about how pretty the drive back to Tulsa was. From Tonitown to Siloam Springs is gorgeous as well as the Cherokee Parkway in Eastern Oklahoma. It will only get better in a few weeks when we’ll see some fall color…

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Flew in from Austin and back with some Longhorn fans. It was there first trip to Arkansas and they could not stop talking about Fayetteville and NWA in general. Said they look forward to coming back when they get in the SEC. Of course there was talk about football and competition, but they were very happy to be trading Waco, Lubbock, Ames, DE Moines, and Fort Worth, for Fayetteville, Oxford, Auburn, Tuscaloosa, Gainesville, Athens, and Nashville as away game destinations.


Were you there only one in red on the flight, and did you ask the pilot to circle Razorback Stadium before heading south?:slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s ironic you posted this. My mom is probably about to move to Fayetteville, so we went around looking for some places for her to live yesterday. We were driving back home as the sun was starting to set. As I turned off 112 onto a road that leads to our house I said, “We live in such a beautiful place. We probably take it for granted sometimes.”

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We flew into Drake so the natural entry is to fly past the stadium and then circle back to the airfield. The plane banked and let them see inside the stadium and downtown. They loved it. There was four of us on the flight, two Hogs and two Horns and the pilots were both OU grads.

There’s nothing like NWA and the Ozarks. It’s beautiful. I’m so excited to be moving to Fayetteville and love watching the house progress. As we watched the game Saturday night, we said “just think, next year we’ll be living there.” at least a dozen times.

I’m hosting my manager and a director up there Wednesday and Thursday. The director has never been there and I can’t wait to show him around.

Really, the whole state is beautiful. Some people might not like eastern Arkansas but I love being in the flooded timber as the sun comes up in the morning.

I go back…flooded timber duck hunting growing up in NE Arkansas! I’ve been living at or below sea level for 40 years now - never take the beauty of our state for granted…

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I’ve never understood why folks spend thousands of dollars to go all over the country to see beautiful scenery when Arkansas can match any state! You can go on line and do the 21 most beautiful places to visit in Arkansas. Believe me there are many more!

We can see the north end of Drake Field from our mountain top. GHG!

Having grown up in Pine Bluff I’ve come to really appreciate the mountains and hills in Arkansas since we were flat landers. Our Pastor spent a week in the mountains hiking last year and was absolutely blown away. We have that same of beauty here in Chattanooga. We live under a mountain now and our first home was half way up a mountain. Walking in the morning gives spectacular views (and some nice inclines for cardio).

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