Beating Texas!

I have seen it mentioned in other treads, but it will always mean a little more. Of course, it is way early and many things will change between now and June, but right now it seems they are at the bottom of the teams in this thing. Heck, they could very well get it together and win the whole thing in June. Still, the Hogs have that steer hide on their wall and that is nothing but good for so many reasons. Us old heads for sure, take a special pleasure in that!! I think DVH does as well regardless of what PC things he says about it.

Now going to tonight, it would be a big early season boost to have gone threw this thing 3-0. Really need to buckle down and take out TCU. So far, they have been good defensively and they are starting a LH tonight. Go get them Hogs. You never know just what these games will mean come June, but it certainly would not hurt.

Regardless, beating the balless ones is always a good thing!!!

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Don’t let up now after beating the 4th ranked team Ttech and skunking our nemesis TX.
Just make the sweep and come on home very happy.


What is this flobaseball that the game is streaming on?? How do i get it?

I sure do love besting Texas. It just means more.

YOu can go the Flobaseball route and have to buy a subscription or you can just watch it on twitch for free… So far I’ve watched every game down there this way.

Here is the link.

I bought the subscription, which I plan to cancel after tonight. It’s an awful platform. It refreshes constantly. Last night I was not able to watch any of the 9th inning. I finally got it to come back up just as our team was shaking hands so I knew we’d won. It also took me forever to login last night after buying the subscription the night before. It didn’t recognize my password (and, no, I didn’t mistype it.) It finally connected sometime midway through the bottom of the 1st inning.

search for eaternation35 on Twitch. I did not create an account on Twitch and have been able to watch both games so far.

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Appreciate the heads up…

Thanks ya sir!

eaternation35 didn’t have last night’s stream. Someone else did.

How much does the twitch app cost!
I found the app but it is an “in purchase” app

I haven’t had any problems with the FloSports stream, but the production value is lacking. The count is wrong a lot and the directors often either switch to the wrong camera or don’t switch to where the play is at all.

Don’t need the app. Just Google twitch and look for eaternation35, or dessygaming. dessygaming had it streaming last night.

Yeah, that too.

Doesn’t Flo do some NCAA track stuff from Tyson?

It’s not just on FloSports. I watched, but listened to Phil. He was going off on the scoreboard operator. Those counts that you saw on FloSports were from the Scoreboard. They couldn’t get it right.

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I don’t know if Flo began as solely a track operation, but that was my first experience with the company several years ago, FloTrack.

No he did because that is where I watched it. His feed froze up a couple of times and he had to restart his app but he had it.

Thanks for the info