Beating LSU is

the Super Bowl for me. I will get massive mileage from this.



I couldn’t be happier myself ! LSU without a coach for awhile could open some doors in the Bayou for recruiting possibly. WPS

It was a very, tough good game for the Hogs. As Clay said, it was a winnable game, and the Hogs proved positive.

But, boy o boy, is Pitt a mule. Tried and tried to run the ball against LSU with our RBs. That just didn’t work…the whole game. We only saw a slight adjustment in the second half with KJ being more mobile.

That’s the same front (all 14 of them) that held Bama to almost nothing on the ground.

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I love beating LSU also. I also loved that we showed multiple defensive fronts and threw some blitzes in there doing it.

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