Beat Texas!

It’s officially Beat Texas Week!
I would like to read your favorite Texas memories! From the 60s to today. Any sport!
UA…Campus of Champions

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Best in person memory Matt Jones owning them in 03.


January 1, 2000 (Y2K). UA’s great defense led by Kenoy Kennedy, David Barrett, Randy Garner mauls UT 27-6 in the Cotton Bowl.

2003 - Matt Jones and Cedric Cobbs run wild in a victory over the Horns in Austin.


1979 in Little Rock we beat Texas 17-14. We rocked the stadium long after the final whistle blew. Me and my buddy bubba were on the pre game playing the fight song on our Kazoos……still have the Kazoo but Bubba has moved to heaven.

A great day.


Hell yes. Beat Texas!


LD, I was a sophomore in college and was in the SEZ.

Nobody wanted to leave the stadium.


I was right there with you in the SEZ!


Was there too! First row on about the 10 yard line. Euphoric atmosphere! Remember the hot air balloon floating over WMS after the game. Nobody wanted to leave!
UA…campus of Champions


Oct. 1964. AR 14 - TX 13. One of the greatest wins ever for the hogs! The following year in Fayetteville. Bobby Crocket sleep here signs showed up all over the state that night and I was there!! Oh yes, those games meant a whole, whole, whole lot. They were as big as it could get.

Then, my Sr. yr. Dec. 6, 1969. One of the biggest games ever in college football. The whole week was a blur. School was hopeless by Thur. of that week. Everyday the Gazette had pages and pages on the game and who would be there starting with POTUS. Of course, it was stolen by the texas SWC refs.

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1979 game. Got engaged to Mrs. Buzzard the night before the game, and we were already so warped that we both agreed the only thing that could make things better would be to beat Texas the next day. Big tailgate on the golf course the next day, and then sat in our old seats in the south end zone for the game.


Can’t say the outcome was my favorite, but the Dec '69 game was probably my most memorable. So much publicity and debate over which team had the better quarterback. Montgomery, as I recall, was hands down winner on that score. The SWC was one of the best conferences and Ark was always in contention with a chip on its shoulder, esp. when playing Texas. Saw the game with my grandfather on a black and white TV at his house near Petit Jean Mountain. I was just a kid and was so upset at the end.

I’m a little too young to remember those 60’s games, but since you said any sport “Strollin Nolan” was the best for me.

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The '69 game was the most memorable and the hardest to take. Watched it with my Dad on TV and I was so upset when it was over my Mom told my Dad to not let me watch them anymore :slight_smile: In basketball it was always the SWC tourney in DFW. Those were great time and great games. I don’t remember the exact dates at this point but we owned that arena and it was so much fun.


Best memory of game attended - 1986 beating them in Austin.
Best memory of game not attended - 2000 Cotton Bowl. And 1979 in LR. And 2003 in Austin. Hard to pick!

I have to agree with Coloradohog….I was a freshman and we were all sitting around our dorm rooms listening to the radio…Hatfield’s
punt return echoed across campus……then when we stopped the 2 pt conversion….the whole campus erupted….that jubilant night amongst the crowd on Dickson Street will forever be etched in my memory. Go Hogs Beat Texas

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I attended the 69 game. I still carry scars. I got drenched, but loved the 71 game where we beat the crap out of them. Also attended the 79 game—like everyone else, stood in the stands for 30 minutes after it ended.

Other good ones attended were the 2000 Cotton Bowl and the 2014(?) Texas Bowl. Like the 71 game, the fans stood in the stands for 30 minutes afterward. The Texas side had emptied by midway of the 4th qtr. A young boy behind us asked his dad why we weren’t leaving. His dad said, “Savoring the moment, son, savoring the moment.” I turned to his dad and said, “he’ll understand some day.”

Watched the 65 comeback on TV. Didn’t see or listen to the 64 game. Was a young boy.

But lord, I remember some heartbreaks. The 87 game where TX won on a last play pass still haunts me. The 78 game wher Ben Colin’s ran all over them, but they still pulled out a win. The 77 game where Ron Calcagni got tackled by his face mask to prevent a touchdown that went uncalled. We’d have won that game but for that call.

Best memory of game attended: That’s a tough one. 79 in WMS, 2003 in Austin, 81 in RRS, Y2K in Dallas.

I think '81 gets the prize though. Hanging a 31-point arsekicking on the #1 team in the country, tearing down the goalpost, etc.

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For me it’s a tie: 1979 and 1981.

I was 24 at the time of the '81 game and was living in Little Rock. Had moved up there to work with my father for a year.
One of his toys was a 650 Suzuki and I drove it often while up there.
Building up to the Texas game I envisioned more than a few times of riding up
to see that game. I was going to buy a rope and stuffed longwhorn, yes I spelled it correctly and tie it around its neck and drag it behind the bike to Fayetteville.
Unfortunately bc we had a mediocre record and season that year I stayed in LR and watched on tv. It was still a great day!

For me it was “The Last Shootout” at WMS

I wasn’t there but in the Honhemfels training area Germany - I drove my Hummer up old Baldy in black out - using PVS 5,s with that eerie green toilet paper tube perspective - almost slid off the mountain

My German counter part had a religious experience - he had a white knuckle experience with a crazy Arkansas fan (he had no night vision so it was all scary dark for him )

My commo Chief cut an anti a wire - gave me compass directions and latitude readings

Attached the antenna to my AM radio and picked up the game

We dug a hole for light security - and cooked steak burgers and German brats that we put between fresh sliced German Brötchen - cheese and German mustard - I included American catchup - and fir the Brotts - Salsa Jalapeño

We had teal real sugar cokes from Germany - that’s official

I can neither confirm nor deny my German counterpart (who had gone to Purdue for some studies and had a concept of our American football Hummer tailgate) brought Helles Beir

I can neither confirm nor deny we called the Hogs that night with an ARKANSAS Victory on Old Baldy in Hohenfels Germany

Btw: a local name for “Old Baldy” is “ The Rock”