Beat Ole Miss, can we go 5-6 second half of season?

Throw out game against NFL Bama.

Other teams may have better rosters than us at moment but if we keep improving in some areas and playing hard I’m not so sure we can’t make a little run.

Ole Miss is now the most important game this year and I hope LR shows up like days of old.

Beat Ole Miss, and maybe a first year coach can get a team of rag tag talent to believe a little and get on a roll.

Defense well I have to play a whole lot better than we did today for sure Ole Miss has a great offense as does Missouri but the rest of those teams we can possibly out score

Alabama beat Ole Miss 62-7. Ole Miss has good receivers and a solid QB, but overall they are nowhere near the Tide. Alabama is an NFL team. If we play like we did today, cut out the turnovers, we win next Saturday. Our defense isn’t as bad as the stats and score showed today. It’s more about Alabama just being far and away the best team in the country.