Beard's Offense with Our Shooters

Beard’s motion offense with our guards could be a perfect roundball storm. Maybe he would be intrigued by that possibility. The way Sills came on late in the season, Joe’s obvious ability, and Mason Jones’ admitted streakiness could be fun to watch in a really structured system. With Harris dealing the ball at a fine assist-turnover ratio the point production could go up. Maybe we wouldn’t see as much indecisiveness on the perimeter with the clock running down and more open shots.

So it has begun, The script for next year. How the new coach has taken the kids that looked so uncoachable and missing in fundamentals of basketball and turned them into winners. If it doesn’t work, you can guess what the script will be.

I dread next year either way.

I like Beard’s Defense, but hate that offense. I am hoping he stay at TTech.

As far as I know, techog the first in with I don’t want Beard.

Not to be confused with he’s not coming here.

There’s nothing to worry about with Beard! He won’t ever be the Head Coach of the Hogs!

Dudley, is there anything to the Marshall talk?

Arkansas has some nice young players but they have a huge hole at the center position and I would suggest they need a real good small forward who is an excellent shooter but also has enough size and strength to be an effective rebounder.

Arkansas even with Gafford would seldom win the rebounding battle and I would suggest that it was because they were playing three small guards in Anderson’s system. Just my opinion but Sills and Harris are point guard types and Jones and Joe are off guard types. Arguably none of those four have enough size to play a forward position and therefore no more than two of that four should be on the floor together. Unfortunately they do not have a good shooting forward with much size and that along along with a center replacement for Gafford should be the recruiting priorities. They also need depth at those two positions because Arkansas simply does not have a single player who can fill that void.

It’s amazing how some confuse a simple conjecture, a scenario, with a prediction. That said, we could not do much better from a coaching or character viewpoint than Chris Beard. Everyone knows we need help up front so I did not address that problem. Justice Hill coming in will add a bit more depth at guard, or at least offset the loss of Embry-Simpson. Let a guy exercise his imagination, and try using your own.