Beard's fiancee says he didn't strangle her

As you will recall, there were rumors that day that this was the case.

However, the cops saw what they saw, enough to arrest on felony charges, and they don’t necessarily have to have her cooperation or testimony.

EOE says they are aware of her statement and have no further comment at this time.

I can’t believe she’s gonna remain as “his fiancee”.

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Or that he would want her to, considering he told the cops she was trying to punch him in the cojones.

There is enough volatility in this relationship — from both parties — to greatly jeopardize what could be tens of millions of future coaching earnings. I’d say these two need to part ways. Or get some serious counseling at the very least. It’ll be interesting to see what UT does. I bet they bring him back. This has the scent of a co-sponsored PR move.

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I’ve had ladies that worked for me whose husbands beat them. They came to work with sunglasses on to hide their black eyes. In many cases they took up later for the abusive husband or were afraid to leave them. In this case it looks like a typical PR statement as @hawgjawbend said. Sad all the way around.

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Counseling will not provide a way to mix oil and water, or better analogous to these two…fire and kindling…their personalities would not be compatible with a deployment of a UN peacekeeping detachment. But I bet there is some tantalizing excitement in the bedroom.

This. Abused women who try to leave or get a restraining order or whatever often end up in more danger than ever.

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I don’t disagree with your statement since it is conditioned by “many” and I would only amplify the potential for accelerating violence in such abusive relationships. I jokingly described the Trew-Beard bedroom as “tantalizing” and in a similar fashion to motorcycle sex, these relationships characteristically formed around mutual histrionic attraction invoking excitement with an inherent addictive quality.
Most of us are aware of relationships that are puzzlements because they seem to be outliers in what we might describe as a “normal” relationship. We likely are aware of relationships with interactions described as they “fight like cats and dogs” and we wonder if they might harm one another. Sometimes these relationships have an alcohol usage factor that may result in harm. Like most relationships, balance is sought between the parties where life is predictable and works. Sometimes we encounter the unexpected where the balance is out of whack…in a volatile relationship where balance is tenuous at best, added stress or pressure can turn the routine quickly into a 911 call. Another factor that requires consideration is one of thresholds…the old adage "you can’t go home again’ applies particularly to relationships that are volatile where physical or emotional abuse might be involved…once a level is reached it is not likely the couple will return to yesterday’s rules for balance… the escalation has changed the game and it is likely a shout may become a slap and on and on. Again stress, press, and alcohol/drugs further the risk for bad outcomes.

And on that happy note, Merry Christmas Everyone!!

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Perfect definition. A “pre-nup” for a soon to be fiancee divorce.

TSU director of football ops used her car as a battering ram to attempt to force a now in the portal running back to admit to his girlfriend that he had a sexual fling with director of ops. Strange story and Devin Starling is a talented RB but now he has some portal baggage. There are more graphic stories about the event but as usual TMZ gets tot the sleaze.


With a little pressure & funding from ut alums to the fiancee, expect this incident will quickly be swept under the rug & Beard soon back at work. The lovebirds will reunite, temporarily, & all will be wonderful again in the entitled land of ut.

Let’s do a pool 1-100 of the day from the date of the incident according to the police report he comes back …I say never so I have dibs on 100 and all numbers thereafter that might be wanted Insider board posters. The number selection should end say the time and date of the final whistle in the Arkansas - Kansas Liberty Bowl game. A $1.00 per selection with proceeds going to a women’s shelter in Fayetteville.


I think you have that contest locked up

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I’ll take 35. He’ll be back within 2 weeks from today. No question in my mind he will be back. I hear they were fighting over a pre nup. She’s likely been paid off in some fashion and has now retracted the allegations. Beard seems crazy but Texas can’t afford to let him go.

Did the police report say what Chris’s fiancée said or just what the police observed? That makes a huge difference. I am not up on the details of this sorry incident.

Understand the arrest was per her initial claim to Austin PD that he was trying to strangle her. She is now walking back on her initial comments made to law enforcement & now stating that she told the police that Beard did not try to strangle her. Apparently all of the money has since confused her.

Felony charge reduced to misdemeanor … suspended without pay for full season with mandatory counseling … returns as Longhorn coach for 23-24 season (Terry interim head coach for this season).


Is that your prediction or are you seeing that somewhere? Nothing on the Austin paper site.

That outcome would not surprise me, by the way. But it all hinges on reducing the charges. They don’t need Randi to testify if they can document strangulation marks on her neck, for instance.

Prediction …