He was clutch again. I hope media over at game asks about his shoulder. I noticed it before and it appears he re-injured again. Hope it’s not a long term issue. Dudley, Matt let us know what Mike says about it if not addressed tonight.

He was the MVP overall and Barford kept us in the game in the first half.

Total team win. Fun to watch.

Yea, I’m worried about that shoulder as well, seems like a nagging injury.

Beard finished with 18pts we desperately need a leader that plays on both sides of the ball…

Beard plays with “True Grit” that kid has heart!! WPS!

Yeah, I am glad it’s his right shoulder and shouldn’t affect his shot much. It could bother his handle and passing though if it goes on all year. Hopefully it is something they can control and it eases on its own pretty quickly.