I haven’t seen it mentioned, but has anyone noticed the improved play of Anton Beard this year? Better shot selection, fewer turnovers, and fewer fouls 90 feet from the basket. He’s one of our better players.

His improvement, along with the emergence of Gafford should make for lots of optimism for Hog fans as we move into SEC play.

Yes. Last year for example, he used to throw up those runners and floaters as a prayer. He seems to be shooting them with confidence this year. Obviously Mike agrees with you too. He is usually the last one from the starting lineup to get subbed out

I am happy for Beard that he came back from some stupid off the court issues. He is a glue player that makes it easier for Macon and Barford.

Seems to me that he could be a great shooter if he wouldn’t flare his shooting elbow way out - bring shooting elbow in line and he would be a different player, IMO.