I’m not sure what is going on but I’ve seen possession after possession on offense where he is just standing around out on the perimeter instead of moving around, making cuts, setting screens, etc.

Beard played well above his talent level his freshmen year and what we see is what we will get out of him. He fails to share the ball on fast breaks and picks up stupid fouls.
He has the ability to play good defense but he is becoming a liability on offense.
The talent level coming to the hill is improving and his minutes could possible decrease. He should not play at crunch time.

Anton has 3 of his team’s six steals, 2 points on 1-of-2 shooting and one foul in 12 minutes

I just don’t understand the standing around on offense. You’ve got Watkins, Hannahs, Barford, Macon all moving without the ball when they are in the game. Consistently. And then Beard is just sort of hanging out on the perimeter frequently. I don’t dispute the stats but can’t stand to see the lack of hustle.

Beard will be okay. I think he’s lost confidence in his outside shot and he needs that to complete his game. He missed a couple of those difficult layups today but he generally does that well. He’ll continue to be a big part of the team this year and will be even bigger next year.

If beard can give us a bucket or two and a steal or two and no turnovers I am good…