He needs to realize that he is not the star of the team.

You can watch his defense and he barely covers his guy and on offense he wants to hold the ball so he can take the shot.

His shot selection is horrible.

No way he should have ben on the floor at the end except for free throws

I agree with Don…Beard reminds me of a high school guard who was a star and still wants to be even though he is not a star in college. He plays way too many minutes, in my view. He is not a point guard at 5:10…he can’t shoot, but he thinks he can. He is not a passer or penetrator, even though he is small. I would play him as a sub for Macon and Barford and let the other guys get experience at Beard’s spot. We might be a better team at year end if some of the other younger guys got the Beard starting minutes. I understand Mike knows his guys better than I do, but Beard has been doing this for 4 years.

I must of watched a different game. He played well and hit some clutch shots (just like Tennessee).

I was irritated he took the last shot, and not Macon, but that is on the coach and Barford for giving him the ball. 9 pts and 3 assists, and I don’t see him as a defensive liability.

If CMA had a better option (and there isn’t one) then he would be playing.

I was upset we lost last night, and I blame Beard, Macon, and Barford. Towards the end they started playing 1 on 5. I believe that’s something they’ll improve on as the season goes on. The other issue I see is we aren’t playing inside out. If you recorded the game like me, rewatch it. When they were making a deliberate attempt to get Gafford involved at the beginning of each half, we made runs. When they started collapsing on Gafford, our guards started attempting 1 on 5. A few years ago, when Butler made the run to the Finals, the would make passes, trying to get guys open, all the way to the last second. We didn’t do that last night.

Now, having said that, I think people are looking at it the wrong way. 1st SEC road game, bad night shooting for Barford, a ridiculous FT disparity and we still only lost by three. On a neutral court, or in BWA, we steam roll Miss St.

Gafford also turned the ball over a couple times trying to make moves he isn’t quite ready for (although I love the aggressiveness). With that said I agree with your larger point to work more inside out as Gafford is a willing and sometimes creative passer.

Hate to lose, but like you I’m not surprised and I think people are discounting the talent level on MSU. The Ado kid couldn’t shoot, but he was strong and protected the paint plus the Weatherspoon kids are ultra-tough and talented.

The disparity in fouls is a tragedy of the SEC. I agree with Baked, but I have a few variables to add though.
-Trey Thompson has not been playing good for the 2nd game in a row. Bad lazy passing. Is he sick?
-Our depth at Guard is really not good if CJ Jones is sucking. We lost Khalil Garland to Med RS who could have been a help. Hall is playing some 2 or 3 to relieve Beard, Macon, and Barford some of the time but he isn’t ideal at all to replace a real 1 or 2 guard.
-Beard, Macon, and Barford are playing too many minutes when CJ isn’t shooting well. We can’t afford to play CJ a lot if he isn’t shooting good enough to over come his defense.
-Barford looked very tired last night.

Who would you rather have on the floor instead of Beard. If there was someone better, I guarantee he would have been on the court. You have to go with the best you have and the ones you trust the most.

I don’t understand some of you guy’s gripe with Beard. He is playing pretty dang good this year.

Wow bust Beard out for taking a shot and how he plays. Macon walked and Bardford got called for an offensive foul. At least Beard got a shot up! These young me. Played and left it on the court. They aren’t perfect and I’m not either. Why don’t some of you look in the mirror.
We have a good team. We rebounded right with Moo U. 39 rebounds for each team.
The live ball turnovers and the free throw line won the game for Moo U. We had the chances to add to the lead and chances to keep the lead. When it got to money time and winning time we didn’t close.

It has nothing to do with last nights game, he does it EVERY game if you watch him.

Agree. I don’t like the bashing any of these kids.

There are certainly times that Beard frustrates me. He has the 3rd most FGAs on the team. You’d rather that be Gafford, who shoots a phenomenal percentage (largely because he’s taking good shots–dunks, layups, the occasional mid-range jumper).

But, on the whole, Beard has been pretty solid. He’s a decent defender. He rebounds well for a guard. And, although there are times he gets shot happy, he doesn’t have a crazy number of attempts. He’s shooting 41% overall and 34% from 3. Those numbers aren’t great but aren’t bad. His 2:1 assist to turnover ratio is good.

I’m not sure what the gripe was from last night. He shot 4 of 7. Took the last shot bc it was thrown to him off of a rebound and he had to make sure they got one off.

One of his other misses was an under control, mid-range jumper that just didn’t go in. He had made one just like it earlier in the game.

And, he had 2 turnovers in 29 mins.

What did he do last night that was so bad? Didn’t he mostly guard the Carter kid who went 2-7, 1-5?

We were in zone, late, partially because MSU was 2-19 before hitting 2 huge ones at the end that they had to have.

I am not bashing Beard. I think he plays too much. He plays too many minutes because we don’t have other viable options. So, I guess I am criticizing Mike Anderson for playing him so many minutes. If we can’t criticize or critique the players and coaches…we are going to have to shut down this board because that is what this board is and all the posters do.

I run hot and cold on Beard. Sometimes he looks great and other times he disappoints me. I agree that Coach Anderson doesn’t have another option. However, if we don’t improve our away game play, we are no better than a mediocre SEC team.

The one thing I would like to see from our guard is putting up more 3’s. We make em at a very suceesful rate.


I agree with this. CMA kinda has a soft spot for small hard nosed guards. He always has. I guess they remind him of how he use to be when he played.

And I’m not trying to bash Beard either, but as the OP says he very often tries to do too much and thinks he’s the star of the team. I remember he was doing a press conference (I believe last year) and he was asked about shot selection and he straight up said if he gets the ball and the clock is winding down he’s not passing it he’s taking the shot. I just SMH and thought of Ky Madden when he said that.

When I get a chance I’m going to actually ask HogStats on twitter does he have a list of lowest shooting percentages on last second shots, I know Ky Madden and Anton Beard are at the top of this list (If he has those stats). Beard has to realize he’s not a good shooter or a top 3 scoring option. He had time in the Miss St game to pass or get closer to the basket, he just wanted to make sure he was the guy that got the shot. But, I do think that’s Barford’s fault for passing it to him. He should have kept it and made a play himself, he’s shot the ball really well this season. You can’t claim “0 people can guard you” then pass up a chance for a game winner.

Also, I’m waiting and hoping CJ Jones emerges and eventually takes Beard’s spot. I thought it was just around the corner, but Jones has disappeared in conference play. We really need Beard to come off the bench and provide the scoring spark/leadership with those guys. In a perfect world Beard would be like our 6th or 7th man and play around 20 MPG, but somebody has to take those minutes from him. I guess this is where Garland would have fit in.

I agree with you. Though I’m not sure I’d want Barford taking the last shot either. 1 pt game, maybe, three point game, I’d rather have Macon, and I think Barford is ahead of him in 3pt% right now, haven’t looked at the stats.

As for Jones, not sure if it was in this thread or another, but his last two games, when the ball leaves his hand I can tell it’s not going in. It doesn’t look good. Before the break, everything looked good, even if it wasn’t. He is doing something different, I just can’t tell what it is.