Beard versus Marshall

I may be wrong, but it feels like the BOT and most fans value Beard more than Marshall. Can someone explain that to me? Is it strictly the “what have you done for me lately” maxim? Because, while Beard has enjoyed a meteoric rise with UALR and now taking TTech to the Final Four, Marshall has done all of those things as well. Winthrop is every bit as small as UALR…and isn’t in a major city. He took them to national prominence. More than once. He has taken Wichita, which one could argue has less “advantages” than any Big 12 school, to the Final Four. And, he has excelled over time.

Forgive me, but I am thinking if we had a REAL chance to hire him we should have. I am hearing the words of Coach Broyles when he used to say “the best barometuh fouh future puhformance is PAST puhformance.”

If we wind up with Beard (longshot) or Musselman…fine. I’ll support them. But Gregg Marshall…that’s the one we should still hire if you ask me. If he’s truly interested.

I doubt that either get hired…Beard not coming for sure and there is some rumors that Marshall already turned down an offer based on $$. I think that we are in a trap that to get a big time BB coach we are going to have to pay more that what the FB coach is making…Doubt that we will do that.

Marshall has received no offer from Arkansas as of yet.

I think before making an offer, you gauge their interest. Yuracheck may have done that and Marshall could have said “not interested”.