Beard right on que

Beard has one of the lowest turnover to minutes ratio on the team , a fair margin between the guards…I wonder what is more detrimental to the team, a lower shooting % or higher turnover ratio?

Blu is one of the most positive and knowledgeable posters on the board. Beard just grinds his gears.

I have just resigned myself to the Beard situation. What was once a positive of strength has become one that is very top heavy and somewhat thin due to a number of factors.

The Garland medical issue has hurt and its just awful for the kid. He wasn’t going to play a lot but his skill set (slasher who looks for others) is needed. He also would provide length in the backcourt as well as decent athleticism. I don’t know if he’s good defensively but he can’t be worse than we have seen.

The Jones disappearing act has also hurt. When he is hitting shots this is an elite offense.

Hall is also someone who probably should have gotten more minutes in non conference. He brings toughness and defense the team needs. MA didn’t play him enough early.

Part of the reason is Jones was playing well. We were also chasing (and getting) big wins partially by not playing someone before he was ready.

All that (and Anton’s experience) have led to him playing more than he should and being emboldened to take part in what at times has looked like a “my turn, your turn” shot rotation among the senior guards.

The results have been mixed. Anton shoots too much and often takes bad shots and often takes late game/clock shots that would be better off going to one of the big 3.

But Anton has played more CBB than the vast majority of players. If he hasn’t changed his M.O. by now he’s not going to.

He is what he is–a shoot first (and second and third) SG in a PG’s body. He plays OK bud not great defense. It looks better than it is on this team because the team defense is so bad.

The positives I can say about him is that he’s a scrapper, he isn’t afraid, he tries to hold teammates accountable on the court and (maybe bc of the volume?) he hits some big shots at times.

He and the team are better served by him being a 4th guard who plays backup minutes and plays very hard on defense, distributes to others and leads the 2nd unit.

But, that’s not where we are right now and MA LOVES him, so we will have to live with the roller coaster nature of his play.

Good post

Poor fg% doesn’t necessarily mean he takes bad shots, it means he misses. If you don’t want him shooting because of low % then say so. But he shoots fewer contested shots than half the team.

Exactly… and who decides the “facts” on what is a good shot vs. a bad shot? I would suggest that would be CMA…

Barford takes horrible shots many times… but he makes a lot of them. Not good shots but a higher percentage of makes… If Beard was making them at a higher percentage no one would be complaining… and the other thing… if you don’t want Beard playing who do you suggest takes his place? Hall? CJ? Neither of them are ready for that… not even close. We’re not just overwhelmed with great shooters on this team at the moment.

Just my Opinion.

Nice read of the situation we find ourselves in.

You read my mind on this post Notorious. Everything you said was 100% accurate. You pretty much summed up what I was trying to say (in a much nicer way).

And for those trying to act like I’m jumping on Beard. You won’t find one post of mine where I have said Beard is a bad player or said he didn’t have any value to the team. I completely understand his value to the team, and why CMA plays him so much. But, as Notorious said, he often shoots too much and takes bad shots and gets caught up in the my turn/your turn in shooting. That’s all I’m saying. He’s a 4-year senior guard, I expect more from him than that. His shot selection has got to improve if we want to get better as a team because he plays a lot of minutes. Now if that means I’m not classy or crazy, or whatever else names I’ve been called in this thread for pointing that out, I guess I’m guilty as charged.

You do realize a good shot for 1 person is not a good shot for another person right? Steph Curry taking a wide open shot from nearly half-court is a good shot for him. Not so good for Javale Mcgee. Barford taking a contested layup when he has the 3rd best FG% in the league is a good shot for him. Anton Beard who is 4 inches shorter and not as strong or athletic taking a contested layup in traffic is not a good shot for him. I feel that that’s common sense and shouldn’t have to be explained in detail. All players are not equal.

And to answer your question. I would prefer if Beard embraced being more of a facilitator. We have 3 guys that can really score the ball already. I gave an example in my first post. Macon had just went 2/2 in 3 point shots, he was at the top of the key calling for the ball because he was feeling it, and Beard looked at him and took a wild contested layup that didn’t even get close to going in. It goes back to what Notorious described as guys having the feeling of your turn/my turn instead of feeding the hot hand. I have no problem with Beard shooting, it’s his shot selection I have a problem with.

I understand your point about the difference between players and of course I understand that. I’m not completely without basketball knowledge or common sense and was not asking for a detailed explanation. So thanks for not doing so.

The point I was trying to make is that he’s a 4 year starter that CMA apparently trusts to have on the floor at any point during the game so there must be something to that. Does he take shots that he shouldn’t? Of course but that is true of most of this team at some point. It’s just interesting that Beard is being singled out by a few but that’s fine. I see Macon was the focus after a couple of games and has had his struggles this season as well. I think its the nature of this team and how they are taught/guided to play.

I guess I should just go back to reading on this board and not posting… have a good one!


Macon shoots 45% from the field and 42% from three. Barford shoots 52% from the field and 45% from the three. Beard shoots 39% from the field and 32% from three. There’s a big difference in those shooting numbers. Macon and Barford are two of the better three point shooters in the conference percentage wise. Beard is not even one of the better shooters percentage wise on his on team. That’s why more attention is brought on him when he takes bad shoots over say Barford and Macon. If he made most of his contested shots, like Barford does, nobody would say anything, the same way nobody says anything to Steph Curry when he launches threes from nearly half court, because he makes a good percentage of them.

To win basketball games you have to make more shots than the other team, when you have a guy with a low shooting percentage taking bad shots, it lessens your chance to win, it’s pretty simple. I don’t think anything is wrong with suggesting Beard takes higher percentage shots, since statistically he doesn’t make a lot of the tough one’s he takes. If making that suggestion offends you to the point to where you want to read only and not post, I don’t know what to tell you. It’s nothing personal just my opinion, Beard is going to do what he wants no matter what me, you, or anyone else has to say.

And this is my last post as well regarding Beard for a while. It’s getting repetitive. I think everyone gets my point by now and either agree or disagree.

I hope you feel better, now. That was quite a rant you generated after a win.

I actually posted that early in the first half during the game, not after. If you wanna post a smart remark about someone’s timing on a post, might be a good idea to read the title, date, and time of the post.

I call my dad in Arkansas to make sure he’s still going to all the games and see what he thinks about the hogs and lately all I hear about is how beard can’t play defense and my dad claims to be watching replays and rewinding all the defense rotation breakdowns to find beard getting lost and leaving his man open for a three. To be fair beard is short. Kind of makes since his man can get uncontested shots up easily. But he sure does over rotate and double team a whole lot.

And, you’re still posting about it for three days.

Because I was responding to other people, not sure if you know this but you get a notification if someone quotes you or replies to your topic, I try to respond to everyone, whether they agree or disagree with me. I don’t post a childish insult that contributes nothing to the discussion then disappear to the next thread and do the same thing, like you.

And FYI, I ignored your first insult post. Hoping you would get the hint. But, since you want to continue doing that, I’m just letting you know, I’m not that guy. You may have better luck trying that on someone else. My advice for you if I bother you that much, you can simply ignore me. And I can assure you, I don’t look for any of your posts, because you honestly don’t contribute much when it comes to having a conversation about Razorback basketball, and that’s all I care about talking about.

When the conversation about Razorback basketball consists of singling out one player to blame for the team struggles, I have a problem with that. You can discuss things that bother you without naming a kid who is trying to do his best.

You are the one that decided it would be neat to do that. And, I’m not the only one that thinks it is a bad idea.

This is a below average defensive team. Their on ball pressure seldom works. When they trap, weak side help is late and leads to open 3 point shots. The guards are not not good defenders. Hall and Barford are the best backcourt defenders we have. Macon often loses his man who usually ends with a layup or an open 3. Beard gives good effort, but his double team traps don’t result in many turnovers. Beard’s size is his major shortcoming. At 6’, he is small for a power conference starting guard. All the 4’s are at best, average defenders. Clearly the best defensive player on the team is Gafford. He is a freshman who is still makes a lot a lot of foolish fouls. But that kid plays hard with all the older inside SEC players. He blocks and alters shots and is by far the best rebounder. With the exception of Gafford, this is just not a very good defensive team.

I do think that they can be better on defense. At times,the defensive intensity is just not there. Employing pressure should be reserved for 4 or 5 spurts a half. Zone defense should be used as a change of pace and to help keep our thin rotations fresher. And they must start the game totally focused on defense. The offense will come from the aggressive defense. We cannot win, especiallly on the road, if we get down 15 or 20 points.

I really thought that this team could compete for a conference championship. I was wrong. The defensive liabilities are just too great for this team to be a consistent winner. They can play better defense. They have plenty on offensive firepower. They can win a lot of games the rest of this season. Defense is the key. WPS.

I disagree with you on two things, I don’t have stats, but I use what I see during the game.

  1. Everything Blu says about Beard’s defense, can be said about Barford. Every time I see an opponent getting an open three, it’s usually either Barford’s man, because he collapsed to double team, or he doesn’t switch on a pick (most of the time, he helps pick his teammate), then he looks at his teammates like it is their fault. Watch tonight you’ll see it. I give Macon a defensive nod over Barford, but not by much. I also agree with Blu about Beard, and you have a legitimate reasoning there as well.

  2. Hall, not Gafford, is our best defender. I agree with you about how good Gafford is in the block, but tonight watch Hall when he is on a guard. He is relentless and is long enough that in the pick situation I described with Barford, he reaches around the double team and affects the open shot (I’ve seen him do this, rewatch AR vs FL and pay attention to Hall when guarding Chiozza and Allen, you will see what I’m talking about).

This is the reason I’ve argued with Blu about next year being a better team than this years, I think too many people got caught up with the “6 SR’s.” I think if the 6 were JR’s, and returned next year against the same in coming class, 5 wouldn’t start. JMO

Dude, I’ll discuss what I want to discuss. You’re not a moderator. If I break terms of service I’m sure a mod will inform me. Until then, If I see a player taking bad shots, and I want to discuss it I will do so. If I see the QB throw a bad pass and want to discuss it I will do so. If I see the logo on basketball court and it bothers me that’s in not a slobberin hog and I want to discuss it I will do so. Again, if it bothers you, ignore it. Talking about shot selection is a VALID BASKETBALL DISCUSSION. Some people agree with my comments on Beard, others do not, and that’s fine. That’s why I’m here to talk basketball and get different opinions.

If you don’t want to discuss Beard’s shot selection then this in not the thread for you, In the top left corner, there’s a “New Thread” button that you can use to start a topic that you want to discuss. But, don’t try to tell me what I can and can’t discuss. Like, I told you before it’s probably best you ignore me.

It amazes me how someone who contributes very little is going to tell someone else how they should post. Most of your posts are insulting people, trolling, and complaining. Go back to Hogville with the crap man, nobody wants to hear any of that.

I’m still on the fence on how good next year’s team could be defensively. We have some potential with Hall and Gafford (if he returns) being the leaders. Hall is good defensively right now as a freshman. I could see him being on the all-sec defensive team his last couple of years. I’ll have to see the development of the other guys and how the freshmen look. I’m really excited about Chaney think he’s an instant impact guy, everybody else, I kinda see as role players their first year for now. Obviously once they get on campus and we start hearing some practice reports my mind could change on them. Embery has been looking really good since he’s returned to full strength from injury.