Beard right on que

Daryl Macon is on fire, calling for the ball, Beard looks at him runs full speed to the rim and throws up a wild layup. SMH.

It’s almost impossible to win with Beard on the floor!

Yea, Beard will have you going crazy…

Yet we lose today’s game without him. Most fans will struggle to understand why he’s so valuable.

I understand why he’s valuable. He’s clearly the defensive leader on the team CMA has talked about it many times. He’s the guy he trusts to change defenses on the court and he’s one of the more vocal guys on the team. And he’s the most experienced player on the team. I get that.

With that said, his shot selection is horrible, he still commits the silly and pointless fouls he did as a freshman as a senior, and he too often becomes a black hole with the ball in his hand. Like today for example when I originally posted, Macon was on fire just hit 2 three pointers in a row, and we were on a run. Macon was wide open at the top of the key, waving his hand for the ball, Beard looked at him, ran full speed to the basket with 2 guys on him and threw up a wild layup that had no chance of going in. He takes about 3-4 wild shots like that every single game. This game he happened to make 2 of the 3 wild shots. For example when he had the ball with 10+ seconds on the shot clock, he sat there and dribbled the entire 10 seconds, didn’t even look to see if anybody was open, he held on to it until clock got to 1, and threw up a rainbow three pointer with a guy all over him. It went in, but it was a horrible shot for a guy that barely shoots 30% from three.

And that’s my problem with Beard, you can tell he wants to make sure he “gets his shots” if other guys are on fire and feeling it he almost never looks for them to get them involved, especially if he gets the ball in his hands when the clock is expiring. IMO, he tries to hard to compete with Barford and Macon in scoring, he’s not the scorer they are, not even close. His strengths are hustling and being a blue collar guy as CMA like to say, I just want him to embrace that and take better shots.

He definitely could take better shots, as could the rest of the team.

I don’t have a big problem with Beard, other than he contributes zero to the Team DPG. As do a few others.

7 points, 5 assists, 0 turnovers in 30 minutes while playing less than 100 percent.

I know he is fun for you guys to bash at times, but not today.

It’s not bashing if it’s the truth. He takes a lot of bad shots. If any of the shots I described today are considered good high percentage shots, please correct me. It’s good that he had more assist and took better care of the ball this game, but that doesn’t erase some of those wild shots. It’s not like we are the only people that noticed these things about Beard, you can go on any message board, facebook group, twitter, or where ever that discusses the hogs and you’ll see the same stuff. Beard is a good player, I haven’t seen anyone say that he doesn’t deserve to play, but way too often he just forces shots and tries to do way too much.

And every player has their weaknesses, but the amount of wild unnecessary shots Beard takes stick out like a sore thumb, that’s why you see more people complain about him. He shouldn’t be a senior taking this many wild shots. I watch a lot of college basketball and I can’t think of one player that has made me scratch my head about shot selection more than Beard.

Thanks Dudley, the kid plays with heart and grit. I can live with his missakes

Folks need to give the young hog credit when he earns it and today he earned it! The defense started strong and relaxed once we had a 16 point lead and we had some silly turnovers.
Beard played hard today !

If his stick out like a sore thumb, you simply aren’t watching the other players shots.

LOL some of you people are just crazy! the only problem with this team is the pathetic defense they play and that is mostly because of the system Beard plays his heart out every night! to single him out is becasue your looking to do so…

I agree.

Who takes wilder shots than Beard? Are you kiddin me, do you watch the other players shots? Only person that comes close is Barford. Barford takes some wild layups, put his shots actually go in, hence him being top 3 in FG% in the SEC. Beard is not even top 12 in FG percentage on his own team.

Also, a few facts for you. The only person that has a lower FG% than Anton Beard is Jonathan Holmes. And Holmes shots are end of game blowout shots to please the crowd and Beard only shoots 1% better than him. Beard shoots a whooping 39% from the field as the person who takes the 3rd most shots on our team. Beard also has the second lowest 3 point % on the team. Only trailing Gabe O, who again took a couple of 3 pointers in blowout games.

If you’re going to have a smart remark, at least have some facts to back it up. We can agree to disagree about his contributions, but trying to act like Beard takes good shots and comparable to the shots of his teammates is factually incorrect. Only thing he shoots well right now comparable to his teammates is free throws. He’s second on the team in that, which is good. But his FG% is horrible.

In all fairness Beard had a good game and I give him credit where credit is due, unfortunately he can be very inconsistent and you never know what your going to get game to game. However I feel he plays defense better than anyone we have on the team and it’s not because of his speed,size or talent, it’s because of his desire and willingness. WPS

As I told the poster above. Facts don’t agree with your opinion. Take a look at the statistics. No scholarship player shoots no where near as bad as Beard. He’s the only scholarship player that has FG% in the 30s. CJ Jones has been in one the worst slumps in recent history and he still shoots 5% points better than Beard from the field. He plays hard yes, but doesn’t change the fact he takes really bad shots, and his FG% reflects that. … ats/_/id/8

It seems some posters need a player on each Hog sports team they don’t like and spend the season bashing them. It’s like some sort of addiction that elevates their self worth. They seem to think their whining will actually have some kind of impact. An interesting phenomenon.

The facts are he is 3rd on the team in minutes, 3rd in assists, 4th in points, 4th at getting to the line shooting over 80%, plays hard, and obviously a coach’s favorite. You don’t like him? He is a kid in college playing basketball, how 'bout a little class?

Dude, this is a basketball discussion board. Criticizing the 12th best shooter on the team for his shot selection is a valid discussion. And last I checked you weren’t a mod. If I’ve done anything to break the terms of service on this site, I’m sure they will inform me. Until then I’ll post what I want, when I want, don’t like it, don’t read it.

And FYI, Mr. Classy. I didn’t say anything that was personal, didn’t say he didn’t play hard, didn’t question his character or anything of that nature. Simply said he takes bad/wild shots. Statistics prove that, he shoots a very low FG%. THAT’S A FACT. The statistics you provided have absolutely nothing to do with his shot selection. That’s like somebody saying CJ Jones is a bad defender and providing his defensive stats, and then I say but he shoots 40% from three point land, 80% from the free throw line, and attempts the 3rd most threes on the team. What in the world would that have to do with his defense. how 'bout reading before posting, that would be the “classy” thing to do.