Beard out at UT

Fired today per multiple outlets.

Suspect Muss will be on their short list.

Now we who will be coaching at St Johns or Georgetown next season. Both are desperate to win again.

Not concerned with muss here.

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Just confirmed on ESPN that he’s done. Wonder how long til Muss has AB on the phone with Ron.


Wow. Wasn’t sure that TX would not save him. But did the right thing. How can Muss and Nate Oates not be targets I wonder.

I was wrong. I thought they’d keep him.

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I didn’t see how he could survive this. Domestic violence is a bad, bad look for a public university.


I wonder how many current Longhorn players will be entering the transfer portal after the season? There’s 2 players on their current roster I’m very interested in and would really like to see at Arkansas next season.

I don’t think Muss will contact Holland again. Doesn’t seem like the Muss way of doing things. Once you spurn him, Muss is done with you. Case in point: Kalel Ware. Could be totally wrong of course.

I think the top candidate will be Scott Drew and then Norm Oates and perhaps Bruce Pearl.

Wow, I am shocked Beard was fired. Apparently too much truth for ut to bury the story. Hopefully Muss remaining at Arkansas is not in question.

ut faithful are in mourning since their bb program might have been great under Beard. After the video of Sark before the Alamo Bowl, ut fans are not too proud of their coaches.

I am not surprised at all… there’s no place for that type of behavior


Scott Drew



I can see it, especially since Texas will be competing in the SEC soon

I think if Holland, or his mom, reached out to Muss he’ll be all over that.


Jay Wright if he would consider unretirement
Sean Miller now that he was cleared of wrongdoing in the AZ stuff
Muss likely on this list as well but hopefully he is settled and happy

I am surprised that there was not enough circumstantial evidence for ut to defend Beard & enable the fiancee to take the blame. This indicates the evidence against Beard was found to be factual & overwhelming. For once I will commend ut for doing what was right.

According to ut, they performed their own internal investigation & Beard’s firing was the result of their own findings.

I think Ron or his mom will have to reach out first, because I’m pretty sure Muss won’t

speaking of contact, I hope Muss is already in the ears of Arterio Morris and Dillon Mitchell

Lots of talent on that Texas roster to be poached

I would love to have Marcus Carr as well, but I think he’s out of eligibility after this season

I agree because when you’re the face of the franchise being accused is basically the same as doing it. They do not want to be associated with someone like that


I commented after manning committed to texas that i was surprised the fam would get behind him playing for sark. Peyton and
Eli both made their college decision almost entirely because of the coach - Fulmer/Cutcliffe. I wonder if whatever supprt Arch got from dad, uncles and granddad to commit to Texas is being 2d guessed after the recent “embarrassments” from its most prominent coaches, especially the football guy. Or if as it very possibly is the case, Arch said the heck with you all…im going to be a longhorn!

And/or has someone contact Blocker and Fall and ask them to also contact Ron.

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I’d be shocked if Mitchell isn’t NBA bound in this next draft. Probably the same for Morris?

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