Beard is so frustrating...

If we don’t learn how to penetrate this defense we are going to lose by 20

Walk in the park. Easy. No comp. 20 easy. I thought it might take until the second half. But this one is over already. Crazy

Where is the team that beat Oklahoma?

The lack of defense and ball movement is sickening. No passes that help someone get open, just passes around until time to force something. Hard to watch.

Wow watching Chiozza makes me wish we had a point guard. Beard would be better off never shooting the ball ever.

Beard before being injured

2 points
1-6 FG
0-1 on 3s
3 assists
0 turnovers

For the year going into the game:

11.1 points per game
2.7 assists
40.9 FG
32.8 on 3 -pointers
80.4 FT
46 assists
25 turnover
15 steals