Beard having a


He played very well. Him, Hall, and Gafford carried us this game. That’s very encouraging knowing Barford and Macon can struggle and we can still pull out a win.

Perhaps tonight can be a pick-me-up for him. He’d really been struggling with his shot in conference play before tonight, and his shotmaking really gave Arkansas a jolt with Daryl having a meh night scoring. He hit a couple of 3s that either sparked or added to the Hogs’ two big runs. Sure everyone was thrilled to see him find some success from deep.

He’s the scourge of Oxford. He played a nearly perfect game there as a frosh in our most important win of the season.

Bardford didn’t struggle that bad. Macon passed up a lot of shots tonight that he normally takes! After the slow start missing he stopped putting the ball up!
Macon had 6 assist. Beard was huge maybe folks can give him some credit.
Hall didn’t play like a freshmen tonight. He played wide open with energy and it showed. In every aspect of the game.
Gafford committed those 2 silly fouls to open the game or he may have had a 30 points and 15 rebounds tonight. He rushed some shots but he can finish.
Tonight we watched a team win! Everyone pitched in and played hard.
I hope we can get a fast start Saturday!
Maybe Adrio Bailey will be able to play.
The freshmen aren’t freshmen anymore!
Gabe, Hall and Gafford have improved and will continue to get better.

I was impressed that Beard was actually passing to Gafford in scoring position tonight. Beard has not been passing to Gafford and it is difficult to explain why.

Best game he has played in a while and we need him. I think reduced minutes have helped, he’s fresher and that helps his defense most. Good to see. We need him to make this final push.