Bear Bryant/Nick Saban

The thread about CSP retiring made me think of another football topic for some reason.

Coach Bryant retired from Alabama in 1983. Coach Nick Saban was hired in 2007. The two best college coaches we’ve seen and both made their run at Bama. Stallings won a natty but the rest of the coaches were not so good so it’s not just the school. I wonder if there will be another coach make a run like what either of them have done there or at another school.

Who would your most likely candidates be to do that?

Might not be born yet, maybe?

I don’t know who that will be, but it won’t be the one replacing Saban. The Bama fans not only won’t accept losing, they raise hell when the margin of victory is not heavy double digits. There is no way to satisfy the thirst after Saban finally leaves.

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